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Trev to A&M

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2 minutes ago, Cdog923 said:


"People don't quit their jobs, they quit their boss."

This is 100% accurate. I left my last teaching job in Grand Island because the administration was tough to work for. I have taught for 23 years now and I've had some good and some bad, but I would say I definitely left jobs because of bosses. I am really hoping this whole Trev thing is a ploy to get more money, but it sounds like he is probably gone.

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1 minute ago, Street Novelist said:

This is not the news I wanted to wakeup to...and it's been such a quiet offseason. 

We were bound to have a gut punch this off season. This one would hurt pretty good though. 

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12 minutes ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

A&M is a worse job because of external expectations and booster ego's that compete to run the place. They have very little success in sports because they have 20 mega boosters pulling Athletics in 20 different directions. There's a reason they've never won anything before, it's a pressure cooker without a leader. 


It does pay more than Nebraska and boosters with more money. But he's going to inevitably be fired because TAMU inevitably fires all their ADs.

Some might say that Nebraska has had similar issues with boosters, administrators, and fans having outsized expectations or ego issues. Outside of volleyball and bowling, it's hard to find any of our programs that have had reasonably sustained success in the past 20 years. A strong argument could be made that A&M has accomplished more than us during that time. Unfortunately, we shot ourselves in the foot with a few coaches who were successful (Solich & Pelini) because of high expectations and it took quite a while for our administrative alignment to fall back into a good place. 


I'm still hopeful that Trev decides to stay and sees the progress through. It's been quite an impressive turnaround within the department, to lose that momentum would suck.

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If this was entirely untrue, he would have a statement out by now. The longer this goes without a response from Trev, the more likely it is to be true. 


Likely UNL and A&M are bidding for his services as we speak, and we'll know this afternoon if he's staying or going.

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