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Raiola rank among the conference’s quarterbacks

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Ranking Raiola is a problem in itself, but then consider almost no one in the conference returns their starter from last year. There are a couple, then a couple more than started at some point, but it's mostly transfers and unknowns.

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26 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:

Sorry, but I'm going with the Kool-Aid this time. My expectations for this team are dangerously high. 

Same...and I see no reason not to.  Why not have fun as a fan getting excited about the seasons?  I have no clue what it's going to end up like, but we have a lot of good things going right now.

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By the end of the year, Dylan will be a top 5 QB in the Big Ten.   His overall stats may not reflect that if he incurs some early season struggles as true freshman starter.   But by the end of year, I fully expect he will have figured things out mentally, the game will move slow for him, and the talent will shine.  

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ESPN split the FBS into 20 tiers based on QB situation this year...



TIER 4: The young and the restless (nine players)

That QB stock market we mentioned in Tier 3? Yeah, these are the guys who are either going to make you a ridiculous return on investment or force you to pick up some side hustles just to make rent.
Someone in this group is going to make an enormous mark on the 2024 season. There's just too much talent. But Johnson, Raiola, Arnold, Iamaleava and Moss combine for 23 stars on the recruiting trail and four starts on the actual field. By year's end, we won't be surprised if there are a couple Tier 1 QBs in this group and, perhaps, a couple Tier 18 guys, too.
What you need to know:
  • Nebraska has not finished in the top 25 nationally in Total QBR in any season since 2012. The Huskers haven't had a QB throw 20 TDs and 10 or fewer interceptions in a season since Zac Taylor did it in 2006. (Of note: Forty different FBS QBs did that just last year.) Tanner Lee (pick No. 203 in 2017) is the only Nebraska QB drafted in the past 30 years. All of this is to say that, while Raiola is a tremendous prospect, he's up against a lot of history in Lincoln.


(2012 was T-Mart's junior year, for those who need a refresher.)



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59 minutes ago, Archy1221 said:

His overall stats may not reflect that if he incurs some early season struggles as true freshman starter.


I don't even consider him to be a freshman, tbh, because it's not fair to the other freshman. He is a frosh in terms of not having game reps at this level, but in every other facet you wouldn't know it if someone didn't tell you. There's a maturity to him that is so far beyond his years. The way he confidently walks up to the line, the command he has at the LOS, just the way he does it in a cool, calm temperament.


I do agree that if he's healthy enough to play all season that you can legitimately put him on any end of the season list you want. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch this guy develop.

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We should be excited and we should think they will do well.  You would have to be a total negative Nancy to think your team is going to suck.


I feel bad for the fans of most Big Ten teams where you are basically just rooting to not have an embarrassing season.

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Sure he has never played a down of college ball. But when compared to what other B1G teams are working with at Qb it’s not outrageous to rank him towards the top. Considering what we saw in the spring game and the fact he has been practicing against the returning #15 defense in the nation, I like what I’m seeing. I haven’t been this excited for football season in over a decade. G.B.freaking.R!

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