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** 2024 Husker Previews: CollegeFootballNews Preview & Prediction **

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Nebraska Football Preview 2024

The world is a better place when Nebraska is good at college football. It’s one of THOSE programs. For a whole generation of fans, Nebraska is some team on the schedule that gets an automatic penciled in W. Oh sure, it’ll battle well and lose in a fight, but it will lose, it will be forgotten, and everyone will move on with their lives. For others … 21-21-21-21

I’ve brought this up before, but I was in the old Metrodome (sky point) - and stayed long enough to see the late game scoreboard - when 1983 Nebraska scored 21 points in each quarter to beat Minnesota 84-13. Nebraska seemed like this magical place with great football players, blowout wins, and an option offense that steamrolled over everything its path.





Nebraska Win Total Prediction 2024, What Will Happen

Is it time for it to be okay for Nebraska to have nice things? There might be building to do, and the overall talent still isn’t there to make any real push for the Big Ten title, but there’s no Michigan, no Penn State, no Oregon or Washington. Missing Maryland, Minnesota, and this year, Michigan State, isn’t bad, either. UTEP, Colorado, Northern Iowa, Illinois, at Purdue, Rutgers, at Indiana. Rutgers is the only one in the bunch to go to a bowl last year, and it went 6-6 in the regular season. Nebraska, with those seven games, you need to have bowl eligibility wrapped up in time for supper. And then comes reality. It’s not that these Huskers can’t beat UCLA or win at home against Wisconsin, and we know it’ll give Iowa a game no matter what. But throw in Ohio State and USC on the road, and the losses will start coming. And Nebraska will enjoy its first winning season since 2016.

Set The Nebraska Win Total At … 7

Likely Wins: Northern Iowa, UTEP
50/50 Games: Colorado, Illinois, at Indiana, at Iowa, at Purdue, Rutgers, UCLA, Wisconsin
Likely Losses: at Ohio State, at USC


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Seems pretty fair although I think I’d put Purdue in the Likely Wins category and move USC into the 50/50. But I can also see why someone would have both where they are. A couple rough road games last year so need to prove we can play on the road still.

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I've always thought CFN was about as useful as a modern day phonebook....occasionally something you might think you need, until you remember there are better ways of finding that information.


Our star player, and according to the Top Ten list is the best OL is offensive guard Turner Corcoran.It's certainly possible that a guy whom may not even start, and is up to the current minute referred to by his head coach as playing at offensive tackle becomes the star player, but it's not terribly likely. And while Gabe Ervin might be leading the group at the recovery pool, I'm not so sure he's leading the RB group or should be considered team's key player, regardless of how much one values the running game.


While Illinois could certainly be said to important as the conference opener, they're not "probably the one team in the seven games to legitimately worry about". Colorado is, far and away, the most dangerous team of the first 7, and a mutual rival. All of those 4 conference opponents in the first 7 (Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, Indiana) could end up .500 or better, but they all have major question marks and thin margins to get there. Also note, Nebraska is Illinois' first road game of the year, on a short week because it's played on a Friday and Illinois isn't expected to be very deep at most positions. If you're going to isolate one game as the most likely loss, I'm not so sure that's the situation that makes it ideal.

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