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Evan Cooper Resigns

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2 minutes ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

White is almost certainly going to leave, even if the job offers are middling assuming he genuinely wants to be a head coach.


Our front 7 is returning a lot of talent in 2024 that won't be around for 2025 (Ty Robinson, Nash Hutmacher, John Bullock, MJ Sherman, Javin Wright). Our secondary is average to below average and will lose major pieces in Gifford, Singleton and Tommi Hill.  It stands to reason that even accounting for slight regression in 2024, the defense will probably not show as much promise in 2025. Coaches leave when their stock is at their highest, and it's probably going to be the case that White's best chance to leave will be after the upcoming season because there will be a lot more holes to fill in 2025.


That doesn't mean that Nebraska will have a bad defense in 2025, because I think there's a lot of good pieces that are still young (Lenhardt, Van Poppel, Umanmielan). Just that instead of being a top 15 unit, it may regress to being a top 35 unit in 2025.

Or, with two years of successful defense to show, these young guys develop and step in well....along with getting a few actually good transfers to fill the holes and they remain a top 15 defense.  You are correct though, in that 2025 has more questions at this point than 2024.

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