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Husker Streaming ?

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You're only going to get games they have on NBC/Peacock. You also said streaming in the title, but listen to in the post (as in radio I took), which are different things.  I think you can listen to games on the radio for free on the internet still, but to watch you will need a streaming service that has all the channels they will play on.  I use Hulu live TV and haven’t missed one in a few years.

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7 hours ago, Slow yer Roll said:

NBC/peacock says they have the big 10.



Would you sign up for peacock so you could listen to Husker games when your out of state?

I would not sign up for Peacock to listen to Husker games. However, I do subscribe to Peacock so that, among other things, I can watch any Husker games that happen to be broadcast on Peacock.

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IMO, Peacock is getting enough content to be worth the $6/month.  There will be Husker games (football and basketball) which helps more but they are getting just enough of other sports that are interesting that it works out to only a couple of bucks per game.  They have other college football and basketball games plus some NFL and golf coverage that is good.  Plus there is pretty good TV and movie content.  I originally subscribed to watch Yellowstone.


I was going to cancel after basketball season was over then pick it back up in the fall but they bought my continued subscription by offering to give me six months for $1/month so I stayed subscribed.  Not sure how many times that will work but I might subscribe for 7-8 months during football and basketball seasons then cancel.

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