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Eric the Red

Juco QB Zach Lee

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Player: Zach Lee

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Position: QB

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 200

40 time: 4.8

Visit Date:

Scholarships offered: Nebraska, Cal and Oregon

Favorites:Committed to Nebraska


Rivals: NR/ :star:star:star

Bid Red Report: :star:star:star:star


Assessing the talent: College of San Francisco football page Lee has thrown for 3,040 yards on 205-of-321 passing (63.9 percent) with 30 touchdowns and five interceptions


Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 100% >>>SIGNED LETTER OF INTENT


Zac Lee

QB 6-2 205 San Francisco, Calif. - St. Ignatius Prep/San Francisco City College

“It was all in red and going nuts. The facilities are awesome. It was very impressive. I really enjoyed the visit.”

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CCSF 34, Frenso City College 31


San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, September 17, 2006.


"City College (3-0) Spotted Fresno a 21-0 lead in the second quarter, but mounted a furious comeback led by quarterback, Zach Ledd. Lee was 31 for 48 passing for 465 yards and four touchdown. He also ran for a touchdown. Durell Clark-James intercepted a Fresno pass with 33 seconds left to seal the win."





Is this where pUrify is from?

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That's where Purify came from. I wonder if he was throwing him all those TD passes last season.



This is Lee's first year in college, I think he'll have 3 to play 3 or 4 to play 3 wherever he ventures after JUCO

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do we need another QB????? With Ganz, Keller, Hildebrand, and Witt. I know that compitition is important but at what point do we say enough for right now? Or do we go after this guy alittle harder with the intent of redshirting Witt and give him more time to grow in the WCO.


I believe that we need the best players out there. So who knows

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to be honest after Keller, we really have nothing that DOES NOT need more development..........IMHO






I'm not sure if this would happen, but with the way Witt is playing right now I wonder if the coaches would pull his scholly? Lee looks to be a much better prospect

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we dont need a JUCO QB . I think we should go after an other H.S. kid and try to work him into the system .


There arent any other good HS qbs left. All of them have given their verbals to other schools. Lee has 3 years to play...not 2 like ZT

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