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with mac leaving ISU

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The guy has talent for sure. Bring him in and he presents many possibilites.


Even though he is a dual threat QB, he is rated higher than Witt. If that means anything.

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I just don't see Bates as a good fit in the WCO or in OU's offense. He completed only 50 percent of his passes this year, so he is probably not accurate enough. Plus his height is an issue. He would be more geared to an option running offense with some play-action passing. Something like UNO's but on the major college level. Otherwise, he will have to play another position.


If he insists on being a QB, I don't see him coming here, OU or even KSU. And I doubt Washington would want him as a QB either. Frank's team maybe? Nah. I think he wants to play bigger time football than that but who knows?

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