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RB Prince Amukamara

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Player: Prince Amukamara

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Position: RB

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 180

40 time: 4.49

Visit Date: November 24, 2006

Scholarships offered: Colorado, Fresno St., Arizona, Nebraska, UTEP, UNLV

Favorites: Committed to Nebraska


Rivals: :star:star:star

Bid Red Report:NR/ :star:star:star


Assessing the talent:


Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 80% Bill Busch is recruiting him.


Prince Amukamara

ATH 6-1 180 Glendale, Ariz. - Apollo HS

“I felt a comfort level there immediately, like right when I checked into the hotel and when I was around the players. I could see myself spending the next four or five years at Nebraska.”

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Prince has earned his crown

Amukamara rushed for 2,106 yards, 24 TDs: 'When the ball is in his hands, it's scary'


Don Ketchum

The Arizona Republic

Dec. 24, 2006 12:00 AM



The small yellow note remains affixed to the newspaper editor's computer. It has been there for several months - placed there before the start of the high school football season.


The memo is from the sports department's graduate of Glendale Apollo.


It says: PRINCE for POY.


Initially it served as a genesis for good-natured banter, chalked up to the alum's zeal.


Prince Amukamara had talent, to be sure, but was the running back/defensive back/return specialist a realistic candidate for Player of the Year?


As the season progressed and his numbers began to multiply at a rapid rate, the answer became very clear - hey, this guy is good. Real good.


And now, what once seemed a distant possibility has become a reality - Amukamara is The Republic's Big School Player of the Year.


The numbers:



• 171 carries for 2,106 yards, and 24 touchdowns, an average of 191.5 yards per game.



• 22 pass receptions for 252 yards and six touchdowns, an average of 20.5 yards per catch.



• 95 tackles, two interceptions (94-yard touchdown), three fumble recoveries, one for a touchdown.



• Six punt returns for an average of 26 yards, with a touchdown. And 15 kickoff returns for an average of 20.8, with a touchdown.


Zack Threadgill, who just wrapped up his first season as Apollo's coach, still is amazed by some of the things he has seen from the 6-foot-1, 185-pound Amukamara.


"He is one of the biggest game breakers I have ever seen," Threadgill said. "He can change the momentum of the game on one play. You just sit back and say, 'Wow.' "


Amukamara's best game came against Scottsdale Chaparral in the first round of the Class 4A Division I playoffs, a 35-28 loss in overtime that eliminated Apollo.


He rushed for 366 yards and four touchdowns - 10, 65, 82 and 97 yards. He caught four passes and had a 45-yard punt return.


After his team gave Apollo (7-4) its first loss, Glendale Cactus coach Larry Fetkenhier felt fortunate to survive.


"When the ball is in his hands, it's scary," Fetkenhier said. "The kid just goes out and plays football. He doesn't talk any smack. He's a great player."


Amukamara's parents, Romanus and Christy, are from Nigeria, where the culture preaches respect for others, especially elders. They also have five daughters.


"That is how we have tried to bring him up," Romanus said.


When Threadgill took over, he discussed goals with each player. Amukamara aimed for Player of the Year.


"I admit I kind of doubted myself at first, but it was a new beginning for us," Amukamara said. "We made a statement - we had a good record. We always worked hard. I have to credit my offensive line. They were a big part of my success."


Threadgill said Amukamara can walk the fine line between confidence and cockiness.


Said Amukamara: "I have good speed, field awareness, patience and explosiveness."


Amukamara has made some college visits, including Nevada and Nebraska.

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I suspect he's not being recruited as a RB but instead a DB or even a WR? The indication is he's a Husker (Huskerpedia), but we will find out soon enough if that is true or not. You would think he will be upgraded to perhaps a four star.

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His numbers look damn good either way. Running for that many yards is pretty good and his defensive numbers looked good as well.

Are we recruiting him as an athlete and then let him prove his best position if he decides to come to NU?

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i read somewhere before that he wants to play defense. i think that he would be a scary return specialist and defensive back


i cant believe that he has been overlooked by alot of the big boys

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I know Arizona was on him late. I think ASU had to much turmoil going on up there to notice anyone. He played in 4A, 5A is the bigger high school's in Arizona. Might be why he got looked at late with some of the other college's. There is well over a million people in the Phoenix area and a lot of good players.




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Colorado fans will probably be pissed about this and that makes me just giddy!!!! Welcome Amukamara however I will never call you Prince!!!! Maybe P to the A................ <_<

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