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Eric the Red

Juco DT Shukree Barfield

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Player: Shukree Barfield

Hometown: Garden City, KS

Position: DT

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 310

40 time: 4.9

Visit Date: November 24, 2006

Scholarships offered: Nebraska, Rutgers, Kentucky and South Florida

Favorites: Committed to Nebraska


Rivals:#22/ :star:star:star:star

Bid Red Report: NR/ :star


Assessing the talent: Originally from the mean streets of Camden, NJ. Big and strong, simply put, he's a bulldozer


Odds of becoming a Cornhusker:100% >>>SIGNED LETTER OF INTENT


Shukree Barfield

DT 6-4 310 Camden, N.J - Camden HS/Garden City (Kan.) CC

“I like the people and the fans are very loyal to the team. You have got to love something like that. I like that they have a good education and you want to come here and graduate and it is not all football.”

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is he a juco player?


the last couple of DT from New Jersey were pretty good if i remember right



Yep he's a JUCO. Dec. grad which means he should....SHOULD, be here in Jan. This would be a nice pickup at a spot, another then Suh, is iffy next year.....

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Wow! That one is a big of a surprise since we need some O-linemen. Welcome Shukree! :bonez


It looks like Barfield was a going away present from Blake. I wonder who closed the deal?


Is he going to play DL or OL? His profile says he is a DT but we are in dire need of OL.

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We are not in dire need of ol. Our ol this year was serviceable. Next year we have 3 RS Fresh coming in and return the entire line (unless you consider Mann part of the line in which case we still return Byford). We need him at DT which is where he will play. We are losing our ENTIRE DL does not not constitute dire need?

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careful mahoney, i got ripped for saying that a couple days ago. I said i thought a big time receiver at TE (Fleener/Amie) was something i wanted more than a OL this year.


I still think Burkes will be our OL for this class, and next year we already have two...


I think the coaches know what they need now, and they are doing an amazing job this year.... This and the first full class the coaches had have been awesome in terms of filling needs...

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