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1 Extra USC Ticket For Sale

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I've got one extra ticket for the big game on the 15th. I was supposed to go with a friend, but they cancelled.


Section 3, Row 2 this is on the East side about the 20 yard line. I have the ticket in hand (In Calgary, AB right now, but I'll be in Lincoln the Friday before the game [14th]).


For those of you looking you know how hard it is to find a ticket this good, and I've seen tickets that are further out selling for much more.


I'd like to sell it for about what I paid for it ($375), but I'll consider reasonable offers. If you want I can ship out to you, or deliver it in person the day before the game.


I don't want to haggle or wheel and deal out in the open, that's what PMs and email are for.


As for payment, I do have PayPal, but a Cashier's Check/Money Order is preferred (I might accept cash in person).


GO BIG RED! :restore:bonez

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Winning ebay buyer backed out after auction close.


Still available, and I'm considering reasonable offers.... PM Me.


I'm heading to the airport right away, but I'll try to check my messages before I leave, and when I have a stopover in Dallas.

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