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I highly suggest buying this when you make your next turkey!


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We had the best turkey ever yesterday...I highly recommend this:) I softened butter in the microwave and I put it all over the turkey..don't be stingy use alot:) I then sprinkled garlic salt and pepper over it..now the next step is what made the turkey the best turkey that we have ever tasted..so don't forget this if you want to try it. My husband bought it at Albertson's..it was recommended by a co-worker of his. It was the last one left..whew...so next year for Thanksgiving..I told him that we were going to buy this way early..just to make sure we have it. It is called CREOLE BUTTER AND IT COMES WITH AN INJECTOR. You will have the best turkey ever if you buy this. You inject it in the turkey and it comes out fantastic!!!! Maybe some of you have heard of this..I hadn't and it is a keeper!! I also put wedges of onion on the bottom of the pan, and I cut up celery and a couple of carrots and I put that on the bottom of the turkey pan and I stuffed the turkey with sausage dressing...it is really good. Next time I will add some chopped up garlic to the bottom of the pan too. Edited to say I put a 2 or 3 cans of chicken broth on the bottom of the pan too.


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

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Frying is the ONLY way to eat turkey, in my opinion. It takes a fraction of the time and in my opinion (and, I've observed, the opinions of everyone who's tasted it), it tastes FAR better.


Naturally I gorged myself on fried turkey yesterday. :) Ninersgirl, we used the Creole butter with our fryer and it was gosh danged delicious.

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