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Faxes of recruits that are offcially "N"

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This is shaping out to be one hell of a recruiting class! The big trend that I notice about these recruits are speed and work ethic. "Blue Collar" players so to speak. I really think Coach Bo and staff will get these kids up to par and it could be the "turn around" we are all looking for.


1. Antonio Bell


2. Alfonzo Dennard


3. Brandon Thompson


4. Ricky Henry


5. Ben Cotton


6. Baker Steinkuhler


7. Courtney Osborne


8. Steven Osborne


9. Alonzo Whaley


10. Kyler Reed


11. Tim Marlowe

12. PJ Smith


13. Kody Spano


14. Collins Okafor


15. Quentin Toailoa


16. Will Compton


17. Josh Williams


18. Lester Ward


19. John Levorson


20. Micah Kreikemeier


21. Sean Fisher


22. David Grant


23. Cameron Meredith


24. David Whitmore (sigh of relief!)


25. Mason Wald


26. Khiry Cooper


27. Justin Rogers

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thanks Guru, you the man




I do what I can to help out. This IS the best Huskers board out there in my opinion! Eric is updating the committ board as we speak as well. Way to go Eric! :woo

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Grix got a preferred walk-on.


If anyone is wondering what that means, it is just that as soon as a scholarship becomes available for him, he will be put on scholly. No certain time frame ala a 'grayshirt' offer.

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just saw on huskerpedia that kendall thompkin's gonna sign w/Miami


Apparently that is still up in the air yet, seems like he is playing games. It has yet to be confimed either way, someone at his high school set he signed with miami, but apparently he hasn't signed at all yet.

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