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URGENT: St Louis, Missouri Huskers additional watch site found

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Fellow Huskers,

As a new Husker in St Louis, I was appalled that our watch site was too small to accommodate all Huskers wanting to watch the game last week. Like many of you, last week was the first time I missed a game in 10 years. That was unacceptable for our standards.


Great news!! In addition to the regular watch site, I have secured a word commitment from a local sports bar is St louis that can accommodate a lot of people. The PPV cost for the bar is $400. I need to know how many Huskers are willing to show up at 11:30am on saturday to watch the game. The bar has agreed to buy the game so long as we can pay for the cost.


I need to know by 5pm Thursday Sept 4, how many people will be coming. Please send me an email with your name and phone number so I can verify so that we can secure an additional spot to watch the game and not have any more Huskers miss the game because we didn't have space. Send the email to mewhodi@yahoo.com ASAP and once I receive at least 20 people then I will follow up with directions and info on the bar.


People please pass this on. We really need to get r done in St Louis.

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We now have an official alumni chapter in St. Louis. Our current watch site is Fox and Hound in Chesterfield. We are having a watch party there for the Purdue game. Come join us and pass the word! We'll have raffle prizes too.

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