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DE Jordan Allen

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Player: Jordan Allen

Hometown: West Monroe, LA

Position: DE

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 248 lbs.

40 time:

Visit Date: TBD

Scholarships offered: Nebraska

Favorites: Nebraska, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee






ESPN Grade:



Assessing the talent:


Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 20%. We are in with the early offer and listed in his top three.



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From Husker Journal. I'll put NU's academics up against LSU anyday...plus we have LSU's former defensive coordinator as the top man here! Go Bo!





Jordan has offers from Nebraska, LSU and Tennessee


Look Mom I Have An Offer!


“Nebraska sent me the offer in the mail to my school. They sent it actually during football season. That was unexpected to me I really haven’t had any letters from them,” Allen said. “I took it home it was like Mom I have an offer and a full scholarship to Nebraska. It was like really!


“My whole family went insane. It (offer) definitely shocked me. It’s been an experience already and I’m not going into my senior year yet.” Allen added.


Likes What He sees


“I really haven’t checked Nebraska out or anything. I like all the pamphlets they sent me. Just looking at their campus, facilities and stuff it looks nice. I’m just going up there and get a good look at it all.” Allen said


“Nebraska is trying to get me up, there for the spring game but it’s not financially for me and my family. If I go to Nebraska it will be for an official visit during the fall for a game.” Allen said


“I’m definitely interested in Nebraska,” Allen said, “They seem like a pretty nice school as far as I know. I haven’t kept up with them a whole lot.”


“I like Bo Pelini. I heard he is a pretty good coach. I haven’t met him. I think he sent me a letter trying to get me to e-mail him. I really haven’t found the time between work and working out and stuff like that.”


Impressed With LSU Academics


“One think that impressed me when I was down there (LSU) at junior days was academics.” Allen said, “They provide you with everything to get your grades up. It’s real impressive.”


“One thing that impressed me was talking to Coach Miles.” Allen said, “He’s real down to earth. He’s one of those guys where he wants to meet with you before he gives a scholarship. He wants to see what he invests in. Other teams like Nebraska and Tennessee and just send you offer’s. That’s one thing that kind of stood out at LSU. Les kind of actually visits with me, get to know me and my family before he offers.”


Faxed Offer From Tennessee


“That (offer) was kind of random. I went to class on day and one of the coaches came up to me gave me a faxed letter from Tennessee giving me a full scholarship. They wanted me to fill out the questionnaire and send it to them. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do any e-mailing. I’m going to look into it.” Allen said


“I would like to visit Tennessee they have a pretty good legacy over there. I will probably go down there in the fall, that wouldn’t be a bad trip.” Allen said


Allen said he is hearing from Michigan, UCLA, Auburn and Alabama


“Michigan might offer me. They actually had a recruiter come down here last September and met with me in the office. I haven’t talked with him a whole lot since then.” Allen said


Facebook E-mail


“Actually Luther Davis who went to Alabama sent me an e-mail from his Facebook account and told me I need to check them out.” Allen said


Playing In The SEC


“At first, well I definitely wanted to play to play in the SEC.” Allen said, “Since other schools have been sending me letters, I’ve been opening up my mind to it. I know the SEC that’s where all the defensive players come from. I know to be successful I’ll probably need to stay in the SEC. There are other schools out there that are successful.” Texas A Possibility


“My counselor is talking to me. He’s kind of a football person. We have been talking a lot about checking out Texas for spring camp. I also have to fill out a questionnaire for that. That’s also a school because it’s still close to home, it (Texas) maybe not be in the SEC. What Allen Wants To Make It The Right Fit


“I’m looking for a good fan base, environment and city. I would like to have a city where I know I’m save when I’m going out driving. That’s the only thing that kind of worries me about LSU. I know there are some parts around there that you know not to be around.” Allen continues on, “Academics are top of the list. I love to have coaches that I can work with. That’s one thing LSU has. The defensive coordinator, the defensive line coaches are brand new that they just got and they want to meet with me.”


“I’m going to visit around the ones I like at the end of the season.” Allen added

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Said he is probably going to stay in the SEC....Texas or A&M if he left. He wants to be in driving distance to home.


LSU is still the favorite...but is checking out ole miss and miss state.

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Jordan Allen told ESPN affiliate Web site InsideTheGrove.com that his current top five is LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, Texas and Texas A&M. Only the Longhorns have not offered.

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