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DE/DT Lucas Vincent

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Player: Lucas Vincent

Hometown: Olathe, KS

Position: DE/DT

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 267 lbs.

40 time: 4.91

Visit Date:

Scholarships offered: Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Wisconsin




Big Red Report:


Assessing the talent: All-state selection had 9 sacks in junior season for his HS. He is also a stand-out wrestler.


Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 20%. We are the first to offer and he is in neighboring state. We will battle other Big 12 north teams for his services but nice to beat Kansas and Mizzou to the punch.



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It would be nice to have this guy be "N". He has real good size for a high schooler. Plus, wrestlers should be pretty fierce on that d-line.


:yeah Especially one that's close to 300 lbs!!!

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From Husker Journal.




Lucas has offers from Nebraska, Kansas and Kansas State


Junior Day’s At Nebraska


“I liked it a lot down there (Nebraska) the facilities and everything was really nice. The facilities are great the weight room, student learning center. There are tutors all throughout the day.” Vincent said


“I liked junior day’s itself,” Vincent said, “I got there (Lincoln) at 9 AM and left at 2 PM. We got showed around we got fed some pretty good food. We had hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. We ate at the club area in the stadium. We had a chance to meet a bunch of guys down there.”


“I met most of the coaches. I spent most of my time with J. P (Papuchis) were we talking about wrestling and all of that stuff.” Vincent said


First Offer


“Nebraska was the first team to offer me and that means a lot. Nebraska is a great program, they are getting back on track it is a great school. I plan on going up there (Lincoln) for the spring game and summer camp.” Vincent said


“I’m going to Kansas State on March 7 for junior days. I talked to Coach Clements about it.” Vincent said.


The Legend


“Growing up out of Olathe North you had to watch Kansas State that’s when Darren Sproles played, of course he is legend. I watched him grow up.” Vincent added


“Kansas State coach talked to my high school coach, he wanted me to call him. So I did call and was offered a scholarship.” Vincent added


“I like Kansas its local,” Vincent said, “My family can come and see me play. I went to about four Kansas games last year. Game day is pretty intense there all the fans get into it.”


“I’m not going to Kansas junior days; I have regionals for wrestling this Saturday. I like Kansas I’ve been out there a couple of times.” Vincent said


New Facilities


“Kansas has the new Anderson Complex. They have a weight room, a whole student center, training room, indoor training and plays lounge.”


Likes Oklahoma


“I would really like to visit Oklahoma just to see what it is like out there. I’m going to there (Oklahoma) camp they just sent me the information and about the All-Americans that played there. I haven’t looked into any other camps yet but I will probably make five or six of them.” Vincent added


“I hear from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado State, Oklahoma, Arizona and Iowa State. My coach told me once I get that first offer they will start to roll in.” Vincent said




Coaches say I quick off the ball. They like my intensity I bring to the game. Coaches didn’t say what position I will play in college. I’m trying to figure out myself it depends how much I grow.” Vincent added

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