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ATH A.J. Derby

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Player: A.J. Derby

Hometown: Iowa City, IA

Position: ATH

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 218 lbs.

40 time: 4.88

Visit Date: Junior Day

Scholarships: Alabama, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Stanford, USF, Wisconsin

Favorites: Iowa




Rivals: :star:star:star:star

Scout: :star:star:star

ESPN: Top 150 Watchlist

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Family ties to Iowa...brother a tight end there now and dad played there under Hayden Fry.


Iowa City's (Iowa) A.J. Derby recently received an oral offer from Nebraska and has offers from Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Illinois and Stanford. But the clear leader is Iowa. Derby's father, John Derby, was a captain for the Hawkeyes in 1991 and his brother, Zach Derby, is a freshman tight end for Iowa. Derby will make his decision by the end of the summer.

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I've read that the chances of us getting Derby from Iowa would be the equivalent of Iowa taking a Steinkuhler from NU.........

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Not so fast my friends the C-Bear has him on her speed dial and they occasionally text. There is nothing like male hormones to help a young man make up his mind.


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I've read that the chances of us getting Derby from Iowa would be the equivalent of Iowa taking a Steinkuhler from NU.........



I think Iowa has the best chance but I don't think it's automatic.

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If it was automatic, I think he'd have already committed:

Versatile Derby sorting through offers


Quarterback A.J. Derby (Iowa City, Iowa/Iowa City) is an outstanding athlete and one of the top quarterback prospects in the Midwest. The 6-foot-4, 220-pound Derby is a key member of the Iowa City football, baseball and basketball teams.


"He's a very versatile athlete," Iowa City coach Dan Sabers said. "He has great savvy. He'll do anything you ask him to do."


On the gridiron Derby started at both wide receiver and free safety during his sophomore season. He moved to quarterback his junior season, but also played some wide receiver, free safety, returned punts and kickoffs and did his team's punting.


Derby, who threw for 1,200 yards and rushed for 1,100, has scholarship offers from Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Stanford, Cincinnati, Kansas, Florida State and Nebraska.


"All of them offered me as a quarterback," Derby said. "I'm not close to deciding. I plan to wait and take official visits."


Derby has been to junior days at Iowa and Nebraska. He plans to go to some spring practices and games, but doesn't have anything definite set at this point.

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I've read that the chances of us getting Derby from Iowa would be the equivalent of Iowa taking a Steinkuhler from NU.........

OTOH they got a guy who has done amazing things at Iowa. Took a two-time Big Ten champ and turned them into a team that has lost to Iowa State 3-4 times this decade now?!?! (I guess that 17-5 victory last year was was sweet revenge.) Turned a hard working team into a team full of criminals. Lost to Western Michigan? Yeah, I think that guy can just manage to drive away a few legacies.

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From Husker Journal:



A J DERBY, QB, 6-5, 220, 4.6, IOWA CITY, IOWA


A J has offers from Nebraska, Iowa, Alabama, Stanford, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Florida State and Illinois


Nebraska Junior Day’s


“I liked Nebraska’s junior days a lot,” Derby said. “The coaches are real personal. I got to meet all the coaches. I met Coach Osborne that was real cool. I got a private tour because I was an hour late, a private tour of everything. Their (Nebraska) facilities are top notch. They put a lot of time and money into them.”


“I went to the Texas and Nebraska basketball game. I met with the quarterback coach (Watson) at the game and got to talk with him.” Derby said while at Husker junior day’s


Spring Game


“Right now Nebraska wants me to go to their spring game because they (Nebraska) say it will be sold out, which you wouldn’t think a spring game would be sold out. I would like to see some game on my official but I’m not too sure. I will take visits during and after the season.” Derby said


Iowa and Nebraska Similar


“It (Iowa) was like Nebraska their coaching staff is real personal. They make it like family. Coach Doyle is one of the best strength coaches, all their coaches are great guys.” Derby said


Derby is no stranger to Iowa Hawkeye games.


“Game day at Iowa is fun a great atmosphere. Tailgating is a big thing at Iowa City.” Derby said, “I like Iowa’s facilities. About five years so they built a new press box. They keep up grading them (facilities) about every five years.”


Last summer Derby went to one day quarterback camps at Florida and Oklahoma and worked with their QB coaches.


“I worked out with Coach Heupel (Oklahoma). I didn’t see a game and all at OU but I saw where it would be a great game day atmosphere.” Derby said


Travel to Florida Last Year.


“I liked it at Florida.” Derby said, “I actually went to the Miami and Florida game. Game day was a great atmosphere, very loud. It was kind of hot but it was sweet.”


Las Vegas


“I haven’t figured out my summer schedule yet, but actually this weekend before spring break I’m going out to Las Vegas for the Steve Clarkson camp. He worked with Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Leinart. I’m all excited about it. I heard he teaches the best technique which should help me improve my game.” Derby said


Busy Mail Man


“I get a lot of mail,” Derby said, “I opened most of my mail. I’ve been sick for two days so I’m behind. I’ll go to spring break so I’ll be more behind.”


Derby said he has no Leader. He will select school how he feels, place where he can be with other people and start a life there. Distance is not a factor.

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