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DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa

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From Husker Journal. We should have a good shot with this kid.





Owa has offers from Arizona State, California, USC, Nebraska, Notre Dame, LSU, Tennessee and many others.


“I’ve narrowed it down a little bit but I’m not giving it out at this point.” Odighizuma said


Nebraska Makes The Early Cut


“I’m interested in all the schools that I narrowed it down to, what they have to offer and Nebraska is one of many schools that I’m looking at.” Odighizuma said


“I like defensive line coach John Papachus,” says Odighizuma, “He coached at LSU prior to Nebraska and so did the head Coach (Bo Pelini), they turned out a lot of defensive players that made it in the NFL. I learned a little bit about Nebraska’s tradition, I thought it was pretty cool.”


“I hear from Nebraska a little bit here and there,” Odighizuwa said, “I tried to give them a call a few weeks ago.”


Good Guy To Play For


“Pete Carroll said he would like me to come down in the summer time. He offered me on the phone but really didn’t talk to me. I heard a lot about him (Carroll) he’s a good guy and seems like a coach to play for. ” Odighizuma said


“I’m still considering USC, they are a nice school and they have a lot to offer. I hear from USC from e-mail quite a lot and I call them here and there.” Odighizuma said


Owa Connecting With ND


“I’ve talked to Charlie Weiss (Notre Dame), the defensive line coach and a player that came out of Lincoln High School here is Portland, it was a nice conversation and I got to know more about Notre Dame.” Odighizuma said


“Notre Dame wants me to come down there like any other school. They (Notre Dame) are doing what they can to recruit me and stuff like that.” Odighizuma said


Mother Likes Stanford


“I went to Stanford on junior days,” says Odighizuma said, “It was really cool I got to meet with the coaches and see what they are all about. The coaches were cool the way they interact with the players. I also I liked the academics and the weather at Stanford.”


“My mom really likes Stanford because she likes the academics part of it. She’s really strong on Stanford but supports me about whatever decision I make.” Odighizuma added


Trim The List More


“This summer I’m going to talk it over with my family, coaches and see which schools that I like, I’m comfortable with. I’m still searching and researching before I start narrowing things down. I’m looking for a regular town, just really good coaching. Coaches that can help me become a better student and athlete.” Odighizuma said


Recruiting Attention


“I see it as a blessing, I can’t complain,” says Odighizuma. “It can be a lot to deal with. I look at it as an opportunity of a life time.”


What Coaches Like


“Coaches say they like my quickness, strength and explosiveness. They like how I use my hands for separation.” Odighizuma said

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On HI it says he is consentrating on three schools, does anyone know which three schools those are and are we still actively pursuing him?

Meh. Dude on Gold Helmet says its UF, USC and Stanford. Oregon and Nebraska have an outside shot. He says he'll take all of his visits so hopefully he'll come in for a game and change his thinking.

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