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WR Matt Milton

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Player: Matt Milton

Hometown: Mascoutah, IL

Position: WR

Height: 6'6''

Weight: 192 lbs.

40 time: 4.57

Visit Date:

Scholarships: Arizona, Boston College, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Purdue, Stanford, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin

Favorites: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Stanford, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin




Rivals: :star:star:star:star

Scout: :star:star:star:star

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Rivals #47 WR 5.7 Scout #52 WR and ESPN 150 Watch List.


ESPN's take

Milton is a mammoth wide receiver prospect that is extremely athletic and is a candidate to move to H-back at the next level as he continues to mature. Certainly looks the part and is a guy that is a load to handle in the open field and as a route runner because of his frame and strength. He is a raw athlete with huge hands, long arms and a long stride. He is not overly explosive or quick-twitch in his movements, but shows deceptive quickness and elusiveness once he gets going. He actually has very competitive speed given his size and can be more productive as a vertical guy than his top end speed indicates because he can lull defenders to sleep and his size gives him a huge advantage on deep routes. Shows good overall awareness and body control on jump balls, will extend and elevate to win contested match-ups. Has very good hands and shows quality focus along the sideline and over the middle. Is an ideal candidate as a slot working the middle of the field because of his size and wide catch radius. He is difficult to tackle one-on-one after the catch and will stiff arm and break arm tackles. More.

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I think this is the WR prospect the Hawkeyes are after. Gotta watch out for Illinois, too. Might get Zooked.


I worry about Iowa recruiting a high rated prospect as much as I do K-State.


But between Zook and Kiffin, I don't know who is worse. Maybe Urban Meyer and Nick Saban can get involved as well. :)

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I can’t say he is really close to making a decision. There are at least three schools still in it if not more,” Battass (high school coach) explained. “We are going to take a trip to Tennessee on July 24th, his mom is going for the first time, his dad and he will make their second trip. I will go with them to see the place and get a better feel for it.”


Where does Tennessee stand with Milton?


“He loves Tennessee,” Battass said. “He likes it a lot there. He is very comfortable with their coaching staff.”


According to Coach Battass they will probably release a statement following the trip to Knoxville, most likely narrowing his choices down to two or three schools.


“Tennessee will be in the mix to the end,” Battass said. “Illinois was one time the leader and he liked Iowa a lot at one point, those schools are not totally out of the picture at this point. It will definitely be a family decision.”

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Pulled from Showmesportsonline.com. I belive this was posted this week.


Mascoutah WR Matt Milton 6`5" 215lbs had narrowed his list of schools to 5 when we last spoke. Those schools being Illinois, Missouri,Tennessee,Washington and Stanford . It also looked like a decision may not come until sometime during the football season. However, it looks like things could be changing with a decision coming sooner rather then later.


" Things have changed a little bit. I am thinking about maybe making a decision as soon as the end of this month if I am sure that I have found the right school." said Milton in a recent conversation.


Milton was suppose to take an unofficial visit to Missouri a couple of weeks ago, but that did not happen. With Mizzou being so close to home, Milton says he can make an unofficial there at anytime. Same with Illinois .


" Missouri is only a couple of hours away, so I can make a visit there in the coming weeks without a problem. I have been to Illinois many times and I am very familiar with the school, campus and program. And recently I attended a Tennessee football camp and really got a chance to know the coaches,campus and school."


Milton only attended the camp for a day but made a good enough impression to come away as the camp MVP at WR. The Volunteers also made a good impression on him.


" It was a three day camp but I was only able to make it for one of the day. It was a great experience. I learned a lot from the coaches on what I was doing right and wrong. We worked some indie drills and then some 7 on 7 and 1 on 1. I think I did very well and I won MVP for Wide Receivers. Coach Kiffin and all the coaches were really great. I know they have put a lot of receivers in the NFL from Tennessee, and the coaching staff knows all about the NFL and how to get players there."


So are the Volunteers the team to beat? . We`ll see."


Besides his recent trip to Tennessee, Milton was happy about his physical development.


"I recently was measured and weighed and I came in at 6`5" and 215lbs. That's the biggest I have ever been. Some recruiting sites still have my sophomore year weight, but I am 20 pounds heavier now and I just ran a 4.51 forty at this weight."


Milton is a player to watch for making a possible commitment to a school in the next month.

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Milton’s high school head coach Scott Battass confirmed from Rocky Top that Milton was indeed a Vol.


“Matt truly feels at home here,” Battass told InsideTennessee.com. “He brings something to the table that Tennessee doesn’t have right now. A big physical wide out that they want to make an immediate impact here.”


Battass accompanied Milton and his mother to Knoxville Friday, and he was also impressed with his visit.


“I have always been intrigued by the SEC,” Battass said. “The stadium here is a special place; we feel that this is the best fit for him.”


When asked what Milton’s mom felt about Tennessee, you could hear her in the background giving her approval.


“I love it a lot here,” Milton’s mom yelled. “She loves it as you can hear. She was concerned about everything. Academics, location, the coaches, everything met her approval.”

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