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SIGNED QB/ATH Jamal Turner

Ohio Pete

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Any kid that visit's UNL as a Junior, pays his way to the Big 12 Championship rooting against Texas when he is from Texas, and pays his way to Cali for our bowl game is definitely "N". Other than LSU, we are the only school that will take him seriously for QB. And it's absolutely apparent that he digs us. :cheers


I expect to see him at the spring game along with Moore, Green, and Reeves. He's gonna see the caliber of team coming in around him and be "N" before fall season starts. Guarantee it!

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Given the information available at the time I said that we had a good chance. I went with my gut and predicted that he was ours but never said he was N.   Oh. I did say that morning that he was goin

edit: OH i'm supposed to be cryptic...   Scout should also know what to print..

not sure i should look into it but it also had lavonte david as a silent the day before he committed.

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committed to Beck earlier today...



Unless you're a member at HI, then you can't access it. In case you are, here's the link.

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