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WR Miles Onyegbule

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Player: Miles Onyegbule

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Position: WR

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200 lbs.

40 time: 4.54

Visit Date:

Scholarships: Arkansas, Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, Tulsa

Favorites: Alabama, Baylor, Kansas, Miami, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Tulsa, UCLA





Scout: :star:star:star

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I heeard when Owa made his spreadsheet the size of the stadium's scoreboard was on the list.     As for the pieces in bold (I do this because I hate it when people spit out numbers as fact witho

Okay first of all that post was not about "what is" it is about "what is perceived" by high school students. I doubt you are a high school student. And the things I listed above are not "statements of

Miles will be a longhorn. Name one kid from Texas who was offered a scholarship to play at UT who doesn't go there... ESPECIALLY at the Receiver position. People outside of Texas might go somewhere el

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Just imagine a receiver rotation with Gilleylen, Enunwa and Onyegbule...


My head hurts....

Imagine Mushberger announcing one of our games.



At least that would mean we're in a big time game!


He'd be a nice tall receiver to have though.



Edit: Oops...double posted. Go ahead and delete whatever.

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I can see it now, they would call him Mr. Miles because they can't pronounce his last name just like they cant pronounce suhs first.


Luckily his brother has been playing well at KU so hopefully not ALL the announcers will screw it up.


It's basically equal emphasis on all syllables. if anything there is a slight emphasis on the 1st and 3rd syllables...ON-yay-BOOh-lay

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If Texas offers he is theirs basically on the spot.

Looks like it




Future Longhorn


“I’m going to Texas Junior Day’s this weekend. It seems like they will offer me and I’ll probably commit there it’s something me and my family have talked about. I’ve always been a Texas fan, it’s a great academic school and I know some players on the team now.” Onyegbule said


“Texas will have 18 players at Junior Day’s this weekend. At the end of the day they will offer players scholarships but not all will get one. The following weekend, will be the big one over 100 players will be there.” Onyegbule added


“Never Seen Anything So Crazy”


“Last year I went to the Kansas game and the Red River Shoot Out (Oklahoma) at the Cotton Bowl. The Oklahoma game was nice. The fans really get into it I’ve never seen anything so crazy.” Onyegbule said


“I kind of like Oklahoma State their recruiting coordinator Gunter Brewer was the first one to offer me. Oklahoma State coaches told me I’m on top of their recruiting board.” Onyegbule said


“I’ve been to Texas A&M it’s a nice school they have good player chemistry and I know a lineman that is there now. I hear from Nebraska they send me lots of letters. I don’t know too much about them. I’ll have to do some research on Nebraska.” Onyegbule said


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