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Mack Brown

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Agreed. "We've always been a great come from behind team, even though we didn't have to do it tonight"


F'ing Dbag.


I hope their bus crashes off a cliff.

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Mack did nothing wrong. Watson on the other hand. Well, that's another story now, isn't it. I for one am seriously thinking about saying the hell with the bowl game. I can't stand to watch horrid offense like that. It was like someone had a knife in my gut and everytime we ran an offensive play, they twisted it around about 10 times.

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How can you guys wish death on people like that, if youre doin as a joke then put int one of these " :sarcasm " SERIOUSLY GROW THE f#*k UP.

to be honest... i hate this "smilie" :sarcasm


the point of sarcasm is to act like you are being serious and see who catches on... so posting this smilie defeats the point of even making a sarcastic comment

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This is what im going to say to Mack Brown.


"See ya October 16th, 2010 coach in Lincoln. Cause next year your not making it to the Big 12 Title game, not without your pretty boy McCoy or Shipley. Tell McCoy to keep that butt-hole tight, Longhorns are fitted to get shafted by the Crimson Tide in one of the worst NC title games Texas has ever seen."

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add McCoy to that as well. This is what he said "if your offense can't score more than 12 points, you probably don't deserve to win the game."

Good luck with 13 points against bama.

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