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The Official "What Are You Playing Now?" Thread

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22 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:

Have been playing COD (Modern Warfare) steadily since it came out.  I never play Warzone though as I can't stand all the running around just to get to some action so I stick to the smaller maps/6 on 6 modes.  I went ahead and bought Cold War and to me it's terrible so will likely be selling it whenever I get around to it.  Very disappointing.


Anyone get a hold of a PS5 yet???  Unreal that they are still so hard to come by.

With COD, 6v6 modes like S&D are great. Probably the best multiplayer experience overall in Modern Warfare.


Warzone is worth giving another shot, but admittedly, it's a far better experience when you have people you like to communicate and play with. Then, you can hunt down enemies and speed up the game pace. Camping and waiting is what makes the game boring. It's also not much fun to play Solos or with randoms, IMO, particularly since the random experience can be quite a crap shoot. But I would completely avoid it until they fix the current state of the game... there are a couple of weapons that are laughably overpowered right now from the Cold War integration and it's made the game unplayable.


I know one person who has gotten a PS5 and that's it. Everybody else is still struggling. This fact made me giggle to myself a bit over the weekend when I heard all of the Fiesta Bowl players would be getting a PS5.

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Maps are a cluster. Worst in any COD. There is no flow to them unlike previous titles where it is a typical 3 lane design. This leads to terrible spawns and uneven play on game modes. The maps ha

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So....after the game, I'll be playing Fallout 76. I was chosen for a pre-BETA stress test. I had to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with Bethesda and Zenimax. It's 4 hours. I'm pretty psyched. 

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Not mine, but I want it.




That's a Legends Gamer Pro system on a custom pedestal. I've got the same system on a basic pre-made pedestal.

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