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Looks good but your links do not work.


Could you be a little more specific? Like one of the recipes does not work for you?


If you mean that the main category headings at the top of the page do not link to the category headings in the document, then you are correct. As of right now huskerboard.com does not appear to support what is called an anchor tag.


There's another post discussing the potential of adding it into the site here. If you would like this feature, please ask one of the mods to add it. (the more people that ask, the better likelihood it will be implemented)


Edit: Above issue has been resolved (10/23/2012)

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No problem! If anyone finds any errors or recommends any changes, please post here. Please see below!!!


***Hey everyone - please post only in this pinned topic for the Big Red Recipe Book Index. Not in the appetizer, meals, drinks, or sides sections. If you post in the other pinned threads, they move to the top of the pinned list on the page. And dammit, we want the index at the top!***




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