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Bump when under the influence, formerly Bump when drunk

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Starting my 8 days off in style.

Since I changed the title of the thread from drunk to under the influence -  Don't go to work after accidentally taking NIGHT TIME cold and flu medicine instead of DAY TIME cold and flu medicine.

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1 hour ago, Mad Foot said:

How does one post a gif?  It's not as funny if it doesn't gif.....



On my iPad I just copy the gif and then paste the link into the “Insert image from URL” box you get when you select the “Insert other media” tab at the bottom right of the entry field. It doesn’t work though on my phone or laptop that way. I’ve got those figured out a few times but I usually just use my iPad cuz it’s easier and I don’t have to think about what I’m doing.

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30 minutes ago, Stumpy1 said:

You sir^^ are my hero...


Working nights screws my s#!t up but here is a bump. 

I work midnights. I only drink on my days off. I try to make up for those days I don't drink, though. :)

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