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Old Rivalry, New Meaning

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I think we need to beat them a few times or play consistantly against them for it to be considered a rivalry.

They have owned us since the inception of the big 12.


That said, i wouldnt mind going out with a two game win streak against UT.

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It's not a rivalry like Oklahoma-Texas is, and it probably won't be.


I heard on the radio some other day that some Texas fans think of us like we think of Colorado. Since we have basically owned them in the Big XII, it's not a rivalry, but Colorado thinks it is because we play them every year and they over a stretch of time, beat us or kept it close, kind of like we do with Texas, but Texas does not see us like a rivalry.


Here's my disagreement with that logic: Colorado is determined to beat us every year. We aim for national championships, like Texas does. We strive to be the best. Like Texas does. That is the differences between Nebraska-Colorado, and Nebraska-Texas, although I don't think this game is a rivalry, it's just pure hatred and annoyance of each other.


Nebraska and Texas could have been a good rivalry, we bring in All-Americans, have a history, a following, prestigious, and want to be the best. Colorado is just, mediocre and they don't care or have the things like we do to stay on top or to try to get on top. Texas has some good history, Nebraska has even more good history, while Colorado does not, sure they have 1 National Title, but even that one is disputed and they aren't a pretentiously good program from decade to decade.


Nebraska is the definition of history and prestige, all teams go through down-trends, and I guarantee you Colorado would take our 2000-2009 seasons over what they had, and this was our worst decade since the 50's and Texas' best ever, so congratulations by catching us in a down-trying to get back-trend.


I've never seen a team, university, fans so cocky after one victory that took a superman effort from Vince Young [ironically my NFL teams quarterback] to put them on the map. They get to CHOOSE their recruits and still come up short. They get the best pickings from their own state and still can't be a dominate force, they are just very, very good. While we have been above average in the past few years. Thankfully this will be changing soon.

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I don't really look at Texas as a rival, I just HATE them.


That is the difference between Nebraska vs Colorado "rivalry" and the Texas vs Nebraska "rivalry".


We aren't trying to convince Texas that they should consider Nebraska as its #1 or even #2 rival. Sure we don't like them and this year there's a Husker obsession with Oct. 16 that we probably haven't seen since the OU games in the 70s/80s.


we see all the threads on Texas the last couple weeks (I think we're all guilty), even after the expansion brew-ha. I can't help but think of all the "netbuffs is obsessed with us-- how pathetic" shots. Now we're doing that a little with UT. Though I'd imagine a Husker message board from the 70s would have been the same thing with OU.


but we also get that the Texas game has always been much bigger to us than the Nebraska game is to them.

The Buffs on the other hand always insisted that we look at the matchup the same way they did.


Colorado, no matter how bad they sucked in a given year, always played Nebraska much tougher than they should have. The fact that we kept up with Texas and nearly beat them in 2007 reminded me of the way CU always played us even during their worst years.

Those were close games but were still one-sided results and that doesn't make either matchup a "rivalry".


To be honest, I would love to do to UT what CU did to us in 2001. But one win like that would hardly make up for all those close losses. and we sure as he!! wouldn't stoop so low as to put a reg.season Texas score on a ring should we earn one. actually just the thought of us ever doing something like that makes me a little ill.


They get the best pickings from their own state and still can't be a dominate force, they are just very, very good. While we have been above average in the past few years

2nd. Can you imagine what Pelini could do if he had the recruit pickings that Texas has? Mack Brown is a nice guy and a good coach. But he is hardly one of the best considering the tools he gets every year compared to the comparitive lack of results.

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