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**Predict the Idaho Game Score, Rushing & Passing Yards**

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Please read before posting.


This contest is FREE and only available for HuskerBoard members. Get a free account above.


The Idaho Game prize is a $25 gift card to HuskerNation.com, as huskerbacker won the Western Kentucky contest.




1) Post your prediction (score, passing and rushing yards) for the current game in this thread by clicking on the "Reply" button at the bottom of the screen. Please post only one submission - if you post multiple submissions, only the first will be considered.

2) Include both team names - if you do not include both team names it will be assumed that Nebraska is the higher of the two.




If more than one member correctly predicts the exact score, the tie-breaker is:


-The member who closest predicts the Husker passing yards (it doesn't matter if the prediction is over or under). If there is still a tie, then...

-The member who closest predicts the Husker rushing yards (it doesn't matter if the prediction is over or under), if there is still a tie, then...

-Whichever member posted the first correct score in the contest.


-One submission per person -- IP addresses will be cross-checked -- if multiple entries are submitted by the same person using different user-names, they will be permanently disqualified from all future contests.


Predictions must be posted at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off. The time-stamp on your post will be used as the deciding time, so adjust your time zone setting in your "Control Panel" to ensure your posts are accurate, OR get your post in early so there is no confusion!!


The winner is awarded a gift certificate to HuskerNation.com for the first contest. Each week that there is no winner, the gift certificate increases by $25. This means that the pot could increase to more than $300 by the end of the season.


Send questions to admin@huskerboard.com or contact any Moderator.


Good luck!!


NOTE: If you edit your score before the contest closes, please make sure you check the "'Show Edit by' line" box directly above the "Submit modified post" button. See the image below. This will help make sure all changes are accounted for. Thanks!




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