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The "Suuuuuuuuuuh" Thread


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First off-Wow! It's so cool that Suh was mentioned with some of the current legends of NFL football! I totally agree that he belongs there!

On restoring his image-I think that the interview that Commish talked about and when he was on the Pre-Post Game show recently really did alot to place him in a positive light. The guy has only been in the NFL for two years and is already making a mark. I think that we will see him grow and the 'stomp' incident will be something that he will one day shake his head and say, 'Yeah, I was kind of green back then-made a mistake-moved on.' or something to that effect. We'll be watching him on Sundays (hopefully) for a long time!

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Suh among America's most disliked athletes, though I'm willing to bet that in a manner similar to Saddam Hussein remaining overwhelmingly popular in his hometown of Tikrit, Suh is still quite well liked in Nebraska.




That has to be the dumbest article ever written. No numbers, no percentages, not even a list.

Oh aren't you the critic now...folks, keep in mind that critique comes from a man who bases his bookstore purchases off of the number of pictures per tome....and come on knapp, it's on forbes for god's sake
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I actually agree with you knapp...I hate articles like this for the exact reasons you stated...I can't tell you how much I hate seeing articles like "Tide fan tea bags LSU fan" or "new Erin Andrews peep video released" that don't have any pics or videos. It's very agravating and I don't quite understand the point

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This bullsh#t poll is just the culmination of the past season's coverage of Suh. The media has done Ndamukong no favors. Seems like the sports tabloids have gone out of their way to paint Suh in a negative light every chance they get. Newsflash: SUH IS A DEFENSIVE TACKLE IN THE NFL. IT’S A VIOLENT POSITION IN A VIOLENT SPORT.


Look at this latest thing with the foot stomp of Green Bay’s Dietrich-Smith. Sure it looks bad and all. But you can’t tell me Suh was trying his best to hurt the guy with that fake wrestling foot stomp. If Suh had really intended to hurt Dietrich-Smith he would’ve put his foot through the guy’s chest. And if any of the media types really wanted the truth of that story they would go back and look at the plays leading up to the foot stomp. O-linemen have been holding Suh, going after his knees, and laying on him after the whistle. All season long. But you never hear about *these* things when you read some hatchet-job article about Suh in espn or other sports rag. There is almost always two sides to every story. And we are only hearing one side of the stories about Ndamukong Suh. /rant off.

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The media isn't exactly interested in "the truth." They are interested in creating a story that will make you read/watch/listen. When that can be done by writing a story about how great Suh is by donating millions to his alma mater, or donating equipment to a high school team that was the victim of a theft, they'll do that. They will use whatever language they need in order to create the picture of a person worthy of reading about.


Then, when they need to sell another story, at the first possible instant they'll jump on the opposite side of that coin - the "bad" person who used to be good. We've seen it myriad times before with examples including but not limited to Michael Jordan, Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire/Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan (remember the brouhaha over Kerrigan's "corny" statement?), Mike Tyson, blah blah blah. It's even more rampant in the entertainment world than in the sports world, with Michael Jackson being a prime example.


That's the nature of the press. It is no longer an occupation wherein you simply report the news. It is a production line where news is created, marketed and sold, and the truth of it is sometimes not relevant to the story. Hence Stephen Colbert's phrase, "Truthiness."

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Being a NASCAR fan, I saw this come across the sports feed on my phone and thought of you guys, so here you go. Sorry if this is a repost...




The Lions' star defensive tackle will order drivers to start their engines at the NASCAR Subway Fresh Fit 500 on March 4 at Phoenix International Raceway, officials announced Tuesday. Suh has an endorsement deal with the food chain.

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I'm trying to contact Suh for interview does anyone know how I could do that. Ive tried the lions website anybody know other ways. If anyone knows him personally please give him my info. www.huskersfim.com. He can contact me directly from there. Same goes for any ex players or crazy husker fans that have a good story to tell. Thanks y'all. Oh and Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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i sped once.


So've we all.


But 91 in a 55? Man.


You know, I don't mind any of Suh's on the field stuff. Generally I don't think it's anything even close to dirty play. Mostly just strength and aggression, and a time or two where he got frustrated, but mostly it's been blown out of proportion. This car stuff though really has me wondering. 91 in a 55 just is not OK or defensible.


He is not a dirty player, everyone's got him wrong there. But this reckless behavior on the road is honestly quite perturbing.

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