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***Official Big XII Championship Game Discussion***

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Single handily, Taylor screwed us out of this game.


And the funny part is, people will blame Watson for this.


I would not say single handedly BW.


The way the last drive was called was completely awful. Plenty of time on the clock to try to get 20-25 yards on the ground. And we send Taylor back to pass. Rex should have QBd that drive. Or Taylor should have just handed it off.


Rest of the game aside, the way those two playcalls went were very costly IMO.

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I've tried to keep my mouth shut, but this is retarded. We played one good quarter and Watson's crappy gameplan with taylor's injuries have pissed me off beyond belief. I've wanted to see Green since the 2nd quarter and all we did was rely on an injured qb who decided it was a better option to take sacks and give us no chance to win. Fire watson, I've had enough.

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Who is surprised we ran what? The same f'ing play we ran before the timeout we called? A slant pass. Martinez should have been out of this f'ing game. Rexcat should have been in. That kid cannot see a sack coming to save his f'ing life. f#*k Watson, we couldn't score sh#t yet again unless we were within 30 yards. Even then it surprises me. Martinez was awful, play calling was awful, and f'ing turnovers were awful. How many is that on the year? 41? That is on the OC.

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Well, that really stings. But we had a good run this year. And we'll get to pound on some chump school in a bowl at some point. It does really sting to go down with such a horrible offensive meltdown though... Hopefully Taylor will work hard and mad in the off season and grow into a better QB for next year. He could have won this one for us, but he threw (and fumbled) away his chances...


It was a fitting end to our B12 years. So long...

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