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ESPN3.COM Game Replays - USC & NU

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Just an FYI for all you nut balls out there like me that want to be 'prepared' for the game on Jan 2nd.


South Carolina Replays Available :


11/26 #17 Clemson vs. #12 South Carolina ( watch ) W 34-13

11/19 The Citadel vs. #12 South Carolina ( watch ) W 41-20

11/05 #9 South Carolina vs. #7 Arkansas ( watch ) L 44-28

10/29 #13 South Carolina vs Tennessee ( watch ) W 14-3

10/15 #13 South Carolina vs Mississippi St. ( need link ) W 14-12

10/08 Kentucky vs. #18 South Carolina ( need link ) W 54-3

9/24 Vanderbilt vs. #12 South Carolina ( watch ) W 21-3

9/17 Navy vs. #10 South Carolina ( watch ) W 24-21

9/10 #12 South Carolina vs. Georgia ( watch ) W 45-42

9/03 East Carolina vs. #12 South Carolina ( watch ) W 56-37

4/09 South Carolina Spring Football: Garnet & Black Game ( watch )


Nebraska Games on ESPN3.com


11/25 Iowa vs. Nebraska ( watch ) W 20-7

11/19 #16 Nebraska vs. #18 Michigan ( watch ) L 45-17

11/12 #19 Nebraska vs. #12 Penn State ( watch ) W 17-14

10/29 #11 Michigan State vs. #14 Nebraska ( watch ) W 24-3

10/22 #13 Nebraska vs. Minnesota ( watch ) W 41-14

10/08 Ohio State vs. #14 Nebraska ( need link ) W 34-27

10/01 #8 Nebraska vs. #7 Wisconsin ( watch ) L 48-17

9/17 Washington vs. #11 Nebraska ( watch ) W 51-38






On a related topic, it'd sure be nice if the forward thinking really awesome people at BTN could figure out how to do this for free like ESPN.

**Any help getting more links would be appreciated. **

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Watched a bit of the Clemson game so far. Their QB is exactly the kinda mobile QB we have problems with.


On passing plays when we rush 4 and drop into coverage, he's gonna be really hard to contain as he shows great awareness and scrambling ability and knows how to pick up those extra running yards and 1st downs.


I've updated more links-- some I still need.

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Were there any major changes to the depth chart for Nebraska since the Wisc. game? (inuries, benching, etc....) I'm trying to see who to look for during our game.


yeah Crick is out for the season, some other defenders too, offense is virtually the same though.

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It is... I just can't figure out how to get the video ID of the video for a direct link to post.


I need : http;//espn.go.com/w...ource/espn3/id/######/


Their non-flash search interface is missing videos, but have the direct links.


Their flash search interface sucks monkey balls, but has most the videos going back to the Holiday Bowl.


To find a game, popup the flash player and use the search at the top. (see graphic below)



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