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Highly recommend. Real story.  Similar to Making a Murderer series.  Rotten to the core.



Spoiler .....


Four innocent men, 2 cases, two years apart. Both young women victims in small town of Ada, Oklahoma (rape, gruesome murders). Eventually, four wrongfully convicted.

The second case suspects ..... dirt-poor low IQ two teenage kids. Manipulate, coerced, make believe false confessions courtesy of Ada police and DA attorney. Worse than Brendan Dassey confession (Making a Murderer series).

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Watching "Out of Omaha" on Hulu. Damn man

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If you want a good war movie and don't mind being depressed, you can watch this one for free on YouTube. You just have to turn on CC. It's about the Nazi invasion/occupation of the Soviet Union (specifically Belarus) through the eyes of a 16 year old kid who joined the fight against them. It's based on true events that the screenplay writer witnessed.

It's mind boggling the amount of evil s#!t a group of people can fall in line with and help enact.


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Been watching this to pass the time:



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