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*** HB Misc Topic bullsh#t Thread ***

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Sometimes I have something to say that is not worthy of starting a new thread, but it doesn’t fit in any existing thread. And it's too long for a status update. I think this thread could be the place for such ramblings. So here goes.

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This past Saturday in the middle of the night I was woken up by voices outside my house. I figure it’s just high school guys, maybe junior high, out toilet papering a house or ringing doorbells. I got dressed, went down and scouted around but they were long gone by the time I got there. The next day I’m mowing the lawn, and low and behold, I find where they’d stashed an empty water bottle that had contained some sort of smelly liquid (cleaning fluid maybe?) and an empty Doritos bag. So I figure, apparently some of the neighborhood kids are sniffing stuff to get high.


I guess this has been happening forever. I knew people in hs who did this sh#t. But it makes me wonder whether it is getting more common among teenagers? That is, sniffing lighter fluid, or gasoline, or cleaning fluid? I can't claim total innocence back in hs. I may have smoke a little dope now and then. But I never sniffed anything. I can’t help but think that sniffing stuff like that is not good for the ole IQ. :lol:

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I posted this in the UCLA Discussion thread. But I'm so proud I wanted to re-post it:


So my wife comes in the TV room to take my two and a half year old son up to bed just now. He puts his palm out and says, NO! We're watching the game!

That's my boy!





unrelated edit: Leaf on the Wind: LINK

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Why is it that on TV they can use Super Glue to connect two pieces of metal together to hang a guy over the edge of a 112 story sky scraper but when I simply want to glue the sole of my shoe back together it doesn't stay put?




Chili Dog Nachos



This Shoe Goo stuff is great! Much better than superglue on shoes.



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I've had both expensive and inexpensive varieties of caviar. I don't like either kind, and I didn't see much difference between the "good stuff" and the mediocre stuff.


I think it's more of a status symbol than anything. Like drinking really pricy wine.


Like Night Train? Cuz it's for ballers only.

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