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Indiana > Nebraska?

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Apparently there is outrage from Buckeye fans on the defense. Saying this is the "Worst Win in OSU History". Can't say I really disagree lol


And now the fanbase is calling for Luke Fickell's head for this performance.


It's good to know we aren't the only fanbase that can melt down after a bad show :lol:


Not the same. At least they win their games.

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I think I just found my new favorite website.


Nebraska is, in fact, better than Alabama.

And better than tOSU



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Indiana played better than us against Ohio St. but that doesn't make them better than us. It means that their coaches planned better than our coaches and their players played that gameplan well enough to keep themselves in the game. As stated above, they were also +1 in turnovers and they probably didn't give up a punt return for a TD nor did they have Martinez throwing picks on their side of the field. Until we fix the turnovers, this team will have problems beating a team that can play any sort of defense. These turnovers kill us and we only turnover when we're inside our 30 yard line it seems, 90% have been inside our own 30 or less this year. That short field given to the other team after our defense just got off the field does not help our defensive players after they were just manhandled for a score prior.

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