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Big Red Recipes - Appetizers


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All appetizers are organized by either 1) type of appetizer, or if it does not easily fit into a broad category, 2) primary ingredient.

***Please place any new posts in the main Recipe Index Page. Otherwise, the pinned topics get all out of order! Thanks, Bradr.***


For APPETIZER DIPS click here


Almond Crunch

Avocado Wedges, Beer Battered

Bacon Cheese Logs

Bacon Cheese Logs

Bacon Tater Bites

Beef & Mushroom

BLT Bites

Brie En Croute

Brie En Croute 2

Broccoli, Stuffed

Bruschetta, Double Tomato

Cashews, Roasted Cumin

Cashews, Roasted Rosemary

Cheese Ball

Cheese Ball 2

Cheese Ball, Chocolate Chip

Cheese Ball, Salmon

Cheese Roll, Jalapeno Pecan

Cheese, Feta - Baked

Cheese Roll, Jalapeno Pecan

Chicken Buffalo Appetizers (Boneless; Sauce Recipe Too)

Chicken Drummettes

Chicken Drummettes, Japanese

Chicken Drummettes, Spicy Honey

Chicken Fingers, Dorito Taco

Chips, Cinnamon Tortilla

Chips, Tortilla

Crab Cakes

Crab Rollup

Crackers, Ranch

Crackers, Superbowl

Cream Cheese Puffs

Crescent Rolls, Sausage Mini

Eggs, Crab Deviled

Eggs, Deviled

Eggs, Deviled

Fries, Chili Cheese

Fries, Garlic Ballpark Style

Fondue, Cheese


Ham Pretzel Pleasers

Jalapenos, Bacon Wrapped Cajun

Jalapenos, Baked

Jalapenos, Bedia's Stuffed

Jalapeno Pecan Cheese Roll

Jalapeno Popper (Little Bombs)

Jalapeno Popper; Bacon Cheddar

Jalapenos, Bacon Wrapped Cajun

Jalapenos, Smoky

Little Smokies, Bacon Wrapped

Little Smokies, Grape Jelly

Meatballs, BBQ

Meatballs, Green Chili

Mozzarella Sticks

Mushrooms, Bacon Cheese

Mushrooms, Crab Stuffed

Mushrooms, Crab Stuffed 2

Mushrooms, Marinated

Mushrooms, Ranch

Mushrooms, Sausage Stuffed

Mushrooms Sausage Appetizers

Mushrooms, Stuffed

Nachos, Buffalo

Nachos, Chicken - Restaurant Style

Nachos, Italian

Nachos, Mexicano Platter (not labeled as nachos in post)

Nachos, Seafood

Nachos, Super


Oyster Crackers, Hidden Valley Ranch

Oyster Crackers, Snack

Oyster Crackers, Taco

Party Mix, Fire Cracker

Party Mix, Chex Hot & Spicy

Party Mix, Taco Chex

Party Mix, White Chocolate

Pecan Log, Butterscotch

Pecans, Candied

Pecans, Cajun Spiced

Pecans, Curried

Pecans, Spiced

Pepperoni Bites

Pinwheels, Pepperoni

Pinwheels, Taco

Pinwheels, Tortilla

Pizza Appetizers

Pizza Franks

Popcorn, Grand Caramel

Potato Skins

Potato, Tiny

Potato Wedges, Cheesy Chili Lime

Pretzels, Garlic

Pretzels, Hidden Valley Ranch

Pretzels, Seasoned

Quesadilla, Chicken

Puppy Chow

Ravioli, Toasted St Louis

Ravioli, Toasted

Reuben Turnovers, Mini

Roll Up, Club

Roll Up, Pastrami Asparagus

Rollup, Tortilla (3 different recipes)

Rollup, Chicken Tortilla

Salmon Loaf

Salmon Stuffed Pea Pods

Sausage Balls

Sausage Cheese Snacks

Sausage Links, Pork

Sausage Rolls, Sweet

Shrimp & Bacon Bites

Shrimp, Buttery Broiled

Shrimp, Cajun Skewer

Shrimp Popover, Crispy

Shrimp, Sizzlin

Shrimp, Spicy

Shrimp Squares

Snack Mix, Caramel Corn

Snack Mix, Fire It Up

Snack Mix, Seaside

Snack Mix, Smackin Good

Snack Mix, Sweet & Salty

Spread, Antipasto

Spread, Bacon Cheese

Spread, California Party

Spread, Cranberry Cream Cheese

Spread, Herb & Garlic Cheese

Spread, Mushroom Cheese

Spread, Ranch

Spread, Shrimp

Taco Beef Nuggets (and sauce)

Tortilla Rollups

Vegetable Dippers


Wings, BBQ

Wings, Bourbon Chicken

Wings, Buffalo - Anchor Bar

Wings, Buffalo Chicken

Wings, Buffalo - Fried

Wings, Honeyed

Wings, Hot

Wings, Hot (Herbie's)

Wings, Spicy BBQ

Wings, Spicy Ranch


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