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KC Cowboy

(4) Nebraska- Michigan St. MSU football tickets for sale: $55 each

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Like the title says. 4 tickets together for this week's game. Can do overnight mail or 2-day mail, whatever works. Face value is $80, getting rid of these cheap and quick.

(913) 9O1-7109


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Thanks man. That's pretty pathetic if you're a michigan state fan. Makes it hard to sell tickets.

i don't doubt it, it was funny i went up to NW a few weeks ago (after buying tickets for 80 a piece, only to realize the price dropped to around 15 a piece) and when we were walking down the streets people were trying to sell tickets and buy etc, and multiple times we would walk by someone trying bargain and we would just hear a "how about 20 for the pair" "nah man i need 25 for the pair" its just funny hearing people bargain for so little on tickets, when here in nebraska it's always 150-200 for a pair of tickets. You are right it sucks when ticket prices deflate because it sucks for the people who really can't go, but don't want to lose the money they paid for. The other day i got into an argument with this MSU fan on the espn board about how we are most likely going to have a third of the stadium this saturday, he started going off about no way in hell etc, so i emailed stubhub, they said the past month once ticket prices fell, roughly 80% of the tickets were shipped to a Nebraska or surrounding state (Kansas, Colorado) address. Good luck though

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