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The Stat Game

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My dad made this graph, and is asking his friends and family to decipher it. Winner gets first in line for our Thanksgiving meal (which is kind of a big deal!). You guys got any ideas? I'm thinking it has something to do with sacks, but could be way off. The winner that gets it on this board will get a +1 from me!









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That's a tough one. I think it is some stat of tOSU--or combination of stats--like Blackshirt316 says. It's probly on this page somewhere: LINK (for 2012 anyway).

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Those are Braxton millers yards per rush

Yup. Nice job DTrain. LINK

Great work. Did it in less than 20 mins too! I actually figured it out just now, but thought I'd see how close you guys got. Looks like I should have logged on sooner.


On another note, that is a very alarming stat. Averaging 10 yards/carry over the last 2 years? I would hope this is just the result of us shutting down the passing game, but either way, I can't believe we're last amoung the teams they've played. Central Florida? Akron? Wow.

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