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Eric Crouch non penalty vs Martinez non penalty

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So, which do you guys think was worse, when K-State almost ripped Eric's Head off, or when Taylor got thrown to the ground by that dirty Wisc. player? I tell you what, I get more and more pissed when I think about that non call the other night after they threw the flag on Bell. I can almost take a pounding, like Texas Tech did to us, or what Colorado did in 2001, or Oklahoma in 2008, even Ohio State this year. Yet, I don't remember dirty plays from those games, we just got beat. Then again, I also don't like coaches like Meyer going for TD's when the game is in hand, or the Wisconsin coach calling for a review of a play when up by 50. Believe me, I know what arrogant coaches are all about, I have had to watch Lane Kiffin out here in So Cal for years...

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I wonder if Borland's tackle of Martinez was just a perfect storm of Borland wrapping up well and popping his hips in order to take down the runner, along with Taylor standing up straight and still tr

Biggest problem with the TM play is not really the hit. It's that nobody from our team seemed to give a sh#t that it happened.

It's not even technically a penalty is it? It was just a really cheap and dirty play. I guess he apologized for it, but it was still cheap and totally unnecessary.


Bret will get his one day, coaches don't forget too easily.

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Once we "find ourselves", crap like that will be taken care of on the field. Not talking cheap shot for cheap shot, but a flat out a@@ kicking. No way that stuff would have happened back in the day.


I did notice in McKweons article he stated Long rushed to his defense. I didn't see any Huskers do anything..... Did I miss something?

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I'm guessing the kids who have done this type of "tackle" were former wrestlers or WWF wannbes. I've seen it done several times in football games. The most recent was against a young Alabama lineman who threw down an opposing running back by picking him up and back flipping him on his head. The refs called an immediate personal foul and made sure the running back was ok. Saban then removed said lineman from the game. I don't remember Borland leaving the game.


Here is the video of Borland and Martinez:


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I thought he was just paying homage to Ndamukong Suh.


Suh was my first thought while watching the Borland play too. People didn't get their panties in a bunch around here when he brought a lil excessive force, and like you (I think), I see no reason to get worked up by what Borland did.

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