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Goat piss

For the majority of this game I thought the competitiveness was very respectful and sportsmanlike until these last two drives. UGA seems like they have a lot of thugs/cocky SOBs.

I would have been happy to hand it to Rex right there. He gets 3 yards when there's nothing. 4 yards plus if there's anything.

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Last year Taylor Martinez did hard work in the offseason improving his throwing motion. This year he needs to work on ball security. It is hard to beat an upper level team when you are turning the ball over 3 plus times a game.

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we were in this game for 3 quarters....and still have time for a miracle comeback. much better than i thought we would do going into the game. Georgia is a contender and we hung with them for quite awhile. i am not disappointed in the huskers.

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You people make me laugh. Most people weren't even expecting this to be a game and then when Nebraska hangs with a team that was 5 yards from going to the NC its still not good enough...

No it's not good enough. When our offense line can't stop moving early...when our defense gives up huge play after huge play....when we literally play ourselves out of a game time and again it gets old.


What was your score prediction for the game? Were you one of the people who thought we'd get blown out?

Yes I was. And the final score could still reflect that. Am I happy with our ability to compete? Yes. We've played hard. Am I also tired of seeing the same huge mistakes game after game? You should be.


It has more to do with expecting a blow out, then being surprised we are not only competing but really should be ahead and win this game but then see the whole ship sinking with bad plays and poor execution so it's easy to be disappointed. A blow-out would almost be easier to take but when we could have won this game and actually outplayed them, being a bit upset makes sense to me.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd thats the fat lady singing. Hope we have a couple of Lavonte Davids coming in next year.


I'd settle for a couple stout JUCO DTs, but that's not looking good at the moment.

I would settle for a stout Juco Defensive coordinator. P should be fired.

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Now can i complain about Beck? I know Taylor shouldn't have thrown that but this is Taylor. It always will be Taylor. He forces things when he's down two scores late in a ball game. Just run Rex.


I am with you. 3rd and short, and you have Rex giving the ball to Abdullah (AKA Butterfingers at the 20)?

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