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Cornerback Nomination Thread


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1) Quickness - The CB must cover the WR's downfield, and when they start flying, he has to be right there to mirror their moves, a real Josh Bullocks type of guy. To me, this poster seems to be the "second man" in a thread quite a bit. When someone quickly adds a thread, this guy is right on the new topic and adds his own thoughts.


2) Coverage - Since there are many routes a WR can take, the CB has to anticipate them and/or bait the QB into a false sense of security. When he knows the route, he can jump in and pick off the ball for his own gain! This poster is always ready for a funny "slant" on any subject, and if someone thinks his way is right, correction could be coming up behind you!


3) Jumper - Since most CB's are shorter than WR's, they have to possess a large vertical leap. When the WR is looking to make the catch over his head, the CB needs to be in good position to get his hand between the ball and the hands of the receiver to knock it down. This poster jumps from thread to thread constantly in order to keep himself involved, and can make the stop when a thread runs out of control.


4) Risk taker - This person ought to be one who is willing to let a WR go up against a safety if the opportunity to jump a route presents itself. This poster is willing to work with help from the other members of HuskerBoard, and takes a post hostage and in another direction when it's deemed necessary, but not all the time.


5)Confident - He will do what he feels right and is behind his decision all the way. He posts his opinions with pride, therefore giving you a perspective.


6) Awareness - He knows what actions to take when and where. He posts appropriately and knows where to post everything of course. He knows what hes talking about and the situation


7) Sure tackler - when you're out on the island all by yourself you need to make the play in the open field. This poster can refute another poster quickly and concisely and make a good argument doing it.


Ineligible: Minnesota_husker & huskerjock


Nominations for this position end 1/31/13.

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