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Nebraska Wrestling

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1 minute ago, Xmas32 said:

197--Schultz (NU) loses 4-3 to Wilcke (Iowa)


Schultz gets a little hosed at the end.  Got a takedown at the end of the period and Wilcke instantly reversed him.  It got ruled 1 escape and 2 TD making the score 4-3.  Bleh.


Its been a rough day, I thought Schultz pulled it off there at the end.  Disapointing.

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19 minutes ago, FrankWheeler said:


Its been a rough day, I thought Schultz pulled it off there at the end.  Disapointing.


Agreed.  That was a flurry at the end, too bad Schultz couldn't of hung on for an extra split second that way he could've just pushed Wilcke away.  That being said, Wilcke was pretty unlucky not to score a TD at the edge of the mat in the 3rd period.

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In case you're wondering, wrestling will fire up again at 10a CDT with Championship bracket quarterfinals and rounds 2 and 3 of the consolation bracket.  Wrestling will be shown on ESPNU although I'd suggest watching it on ESPN3 as you're able to select an individual mat to watch.  Kudos to ESPN as the streaming picture has been top notch with minimal buffering.


If Berger and White win this morning, they'll secure AA status.


Berger has #1 seeded Hidlay of NCST, Berger lost 6-3 to Hidlay earlier this year


White has #3 seeded Joseph of PSU who is the defending national champ


The guys in the consi bracket have to win 3 more times to attain AA status.



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