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Quick thoughts...


Top 10 finish is great, agree that NU needs to shore up the lower weights to crack the top 5.  I'm not sure NU could've done much else with the current team.  Was hoping to get Venz through to AA status but it wasn't meant to be.  184 completely clears out next  and Venz will have as good of a shot as anyone to win a title next year.  Something tells me he'll use the disappointment of this year to good use in the offseason.


Overall the finals were really entertaining.  I thought McKenna got hosed a little bit against Yanni as I don't think that was a TD at the end of the 3rd period.  That being said, Yanni should've gotten two in the 2nd period when he put McKenna on his back during the scramble.  Also, while I don't mind the challenge brick, they should probably move to an independent referee to handle the reviews.  I just think there is going to be some unconscious bias that kicks in when you're asking the ref(s) that made the call on the mat to also review that exact same call they just made.


I was glad to see that by and large, the wrestler who initiated offense was rewarded with Ws.  Specifically with Valencia and Foster.  Also...good luck beating Mekhi Lewis for the next 3 years, that was some otherwordly takedown defense.  He completely blitzed Joseph in the finals.

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We picked up a couple of very good 2021 commits in the last couple weeks.   


Jagger Condomitti, who is ranked #51 overall in 2021 and will wrestle 141 or 149 for us.  


Lenny Pinto, who is ranked #8 overall in 2021 and will wrestle 174 for us.  


Condomitti beat the #1 overall wrestler for 2020 this year in the PA state finals and has also beat 2 other top 5 kids this summer.   He is just starting to hit his groove.  Pinto has also beat multiple top 10 kids this year.  

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