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Nebraska Wrestling

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Overall a pretty solid day for Nebraska.  


125--Nice job by Cronin to finally get off the schneid and beat that kid who beat Cronin 3 times last year.

133--Sjomeling put up a game effort, fun match to watch.

141--Woof, hard not to feel that Duncan got a little jobbed there.  Perfect timing on the brick toss by Manning to get Red a fresh start.  That being said, that roll through reversal and picking up the 2 NF by Red was an NWO approved TOOO SWEEET

149--Lots of action but Lovett just wrecked shop on that kid.  Will be interesting to see who gets the nod at 149 between he and Hardy.  I didn't realize Lovett walks around in the 155 range, the cut to 133 last year must've been absolutely brutal on him.  

157--Nice win by Licking, the Big Ten gets 7 allocations for NCAAs at 157 and it would be pretty awesome if Licking can nab one of those spots.  He's got a good shot.  Hopefully he gets a favorable draw at Big Tens.

165--Another really fun match, Robb just kinda got out-toughed in a few spots by the other Braunagel.  Was a great to see Robb shooting more.  More of that please.

174--Was nice to see Labriola fuming coming off that mat that he wasn't able to get the pin at 174.  174 is ludicrously stacked with 5 of the top 6 guys (per Intermat) in the nation all in the Big Tens.  Gonna be some absolute wars.

184--See above

197--Solid, workmanlike W.  Great chance to drop the hammer at Big Tens.  Would imagine he'll get Caffey from MSU in the semis and then the winner of Amine/Warner in the finals should he make it that far.

285---Lance is gonna need to learn how to win those types of matches if he wants to hit AA.

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13 minutes ago, Xmas32 said:

Man, I'm not sure what was wrong with Venz prior but he looked incredible yesterday.  Braunagel from Illinois is pretty tough and Venz just came out and pole-axed him.  Maybe he just needed some time away to clear his head.

I was a bit shocked myself. I hope he can continue to look that good thru the B1G tourney and the NCAA's.

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