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Nebraska Wrestling

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Quick Skers thoughts.  Overall, I think you have to be pretty happy if you're a Nebraska fan.  What this tournament showed though, is Nebraska still has a level (or two) to go in terms of landing that elite level hammer that Iowa and Penn State has.


125--Got a bit unlucky with his draw against Schroeder, good job wrestling back to 9th and getting a spot.

133--Did a nice job locking up DeSanto and picked up a nice win over Medley in the 9th/10th match.  Maybe Sjomeling can squeeze in.  Would be a nice tip of the to make it to nationals.

141--Eierman is such a tough matchup and his length really counteracts Red's explosiveness.  Not much you can do.  Awesome matchup with Rivera in the 3/4 place although I think Red only wins maybe 2/10 matches.  Pretty clear that it's Eierman/Lee/Rivera and then everyone else.

149--Pretty great tournament for Lovett.  Sasso is a terrible matchup for everyone.  Lovett is going to be a really, really tough out going forward with his ability to ride.  If he can keep improving on his feet, I think he can win a national title.

157--Really cool to see Licking finish 7th and punch a ticket as an AQ.  Awesome story of a local kid persevering and taking advantage of an opportunity.

165--Pretty nice tournament and was good to see him get a win over Braunagel from Illinois.  Definitely has an outside shot at AA if the bracket breaks right for him and he can get a decent seed.

174--Not sure what Labs was thinking there in OT.  Just kinda turned his brain off I guess.  Massa is a terrible matchup for him, still Mikey put it on him pretty good.  Labs can definitely make it to the finals.

184--We got the full Taylor Venz experience.  I saw a great line on TheMat where someone asked if Venz is a great bad wrestler or a terrible good wrestler.  Laughed quite a bit at that one.  Look, Venz obviously has incredible strength which covers up some questionable technique and he can get away with some kinda dumb stuff.  He had that great opening TD against Brooks and then proceeded to take a lazy shot, deservedly gave up the TD and then it was like all the energy just drained from his body.  Brooks was of course happy to do nothing and honestly, they both should've gotten dinged for double stalling again in the 2p because that was atrocious.  Honestly, Venz can finish anywhere from 3rd to going 1-2.  He looked incredible this weekend up until that Brooks match.  To be fair, Brooks is awesome.

197--Man Amine wrestled just a great, vet match.  So crafty.  Schultz was trying all his tricks and just nothing working.  I did like seeing Schultz getting more offensive and that will serve him well.  Hard to keep winning every match 2-1.  

285--Overall, pretty nice tournament for Lance.  Got that great win over Luffman of Illinois and can't blame him for defaulting against Gable if he has a bit of a nick.  I think Lance can make it to the blood round and then who knows, depends on his matchup.  Wouldn't be surprised to see him catch Hilger or Luffman for all the marbles.  On a side note, sweet Jesus is Steveson an animal.  He absolutely wrecked shop on Parris.  The future is bright for him, like gold medal bright.  


We're now in that weird place where I'm starting to have hope for Nebraska.  Honestly,  anything less than 5 AAs is probably a disappointment.  5 AAs can get you a top 3 finish at NCAAs.  

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