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1 hour ago, Xmas32 said:

Shockingly poor results.  Schultz got truck sticked by that Mizzou guy.  Complete brain fart by Robb at the end, it looked like he panicked and tried some kinda weird throw and of course gave up the TD with :15 left.  

That one hurt. I know he was trying to hit that throw at the end and it cost him the match.


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Overall NCAA thoughts...


Hard to not chalk up NCAAs as anything less than a tremendous disappointment, especially given how well NU wrestled at Big Tens.  Will be interesting to see who comes back and how things shake out with guys like Bubba Wilson and the incoming freshman.  Iowa may have won the NCAA title but PSU was the story.  Damn Cael gets those guys to peak at the right time.  Extremely impressive performance.


125--I still think Cronin got jobbed in his consis match but would've been hard pressed for me to think he goes further than one extra round.

141--Mr. March, especially once he gets into the consi bracket.  Would love to see Red come back for one more go and aim for a 'true' 4x AA shot but if he decides to hang it up, he's had one helluva career.

149--Woof.  Just a bummer of a performance.  I have no doubt Lovett will bounce back and use this tourney as fuel.

157--Really nice job even getting to NCAAs.  While I'm sure Licking is disappointed to not get a win, nothing to hang his head about.

165--I'll need to go back and watch the consi match against Amine again.  It just looks like he either panicked or lost mat awareness in those last 30 seconds.  I know Amine is a tough kid but Robb was right there.  

174--Really, really nice tournament beating some high level guys on the way to 3rd.  Starocci is incredibly tough and is only going to get better but Labriola is going to be right there for the next year or two.  Optimistic he gets over the hump and makes a final.

184--Probably a bit of a disappointment for Venz.  But still, not too much to quibble about.  Brooks is just at another level and Geer put it on him.  Got maybe a little unlucky with seeding but Venz looked great when he came back so it was all for the best I suppose.  Wouldn't be shocked to see him move on.

197--Woof.  Hard to not chalk Schultz's performance as the worst on the team given his seeding.  I think him losing in the 1st round really deflated the rest of the team.  Did a nice job winning a couple on the backside of the bracket but looked like he wanted to be anywhere else on the planet against Elam.

HWT--You know, what are you going to do?  So many of those HWT matches come down to who gets a TD or a riding point since all those dudes just don't shoot much.  Lance is probably bummed to drop his 1st round match against a guy he just beat at Big Tens.  Just the way it goes sometimes.

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