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Nebraska Wrestling

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Pretty good first round for Nebraska winning 6 of 7 matches. Bubba had a huge upset at 165 over the 8 seed 3-1 w/ Bubba getting the TD in sudden victory.


Other head scratcher was Pinto losing 11-6 at 184. He took his opponent down in the first 10 seconds and also got 4 NF to go up 6-0 and then....he got completely dominated after that. Very strange result. Here's hoping Lenny can go on a run.


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34 minutes ago, MLB 51 said:

He will have to go through the #1 ranked guy tomorrow. Tough draw.

Really tough. Maybe the hottest wrestler, but you are correct, tomorrows match may very well be the best in the class right now

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14 hours ago, MLB 51 said:

It's tough watching Hardy sometimes. The fact he has so much trouble breaking the ride, is what will cost him in the end.


Everytime I watch Hardy wrestle on top he always seems like he's 2 seconds away from getting reversed. Dude must have an iron grip, it's never pretty but he always seems to get it done.

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This feels weird typing as Nebraska and expectations is usually a recipe for disaster but I'll be lowkey disappointed if they don't go 4/5 in the quarters today. Allred has a monster task versus Bonaccorsi today, Nino is just a really tough sonofab!^@h who is never in bad position. Will be a great litmus test for Allred today squaring off and he has to be brimming with confidence after beating Dean again last night.


The boys in the consis both have paths to winning a couple matches each, Wilson has a couple guys with .500 records and Pinto should be able to get to the blood round where he'll have to most likely square off with Salazar from Minny again which will be a barnburner of a match.



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1 hour ago, HANC said:

Sorry… who is moving into semi… I am traveling 

Cronin, Robb, Hardy, and Labs. Cronin lost.

Wow! Massive upset. Spencer Lee gets pinned in the final seconds of the 3rd period.


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