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Defensive guru status


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Was talking to the father in law this afternoon and he brought up an interesting topic. I guess I really don't know and thought one of you more informed Pelini supporters might be able to answer this.


What did Bo do prior to being hired as Head Coach at Nebraska that earned him status as a defensive guru? Guru meaning teacher and master of defense. I know he had a good year here with Nebraska in 2003? He also had a decent couple years at LSU correct? But wasn't he a co- defensive coordinator? He wasn't calling the defense was he? If anything wasn't it Miles or Saban? So is it based on 2009 when Suh was ripping apart opposing offenses for him? Does this make him a guru?


It's an honest question about the origin of this title because honestly I can't think of how it has even been earned. If it has been earned the fact that four Nebraska defensive records in yards allowed have all come under this man in such a short time, this would mean the guru title is revoked correct? Monte Kiffin is considered a defensive guru but he's done it at every level successfully and for a very long time.....


So how was this title earned and do you still believe the title fits?

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Never has fit. He did adequate in 2003, ran a cover two system and turned the kids loose. Had some pretty good players back then. But we got clocked anytime we played a top program. He went to Oklahoma and became Co DC. Family friend and heavily promoted for another job, LSU. He went to work at LSU, where Miles gave him the co title again. In honesty, most LSU fans hardly cared if left or not. Not so much a negative, but their system, he worked in.


He was referred by Monte Kiffen if I remember correctly.


I think when he has SEC level talent, he might fit that title, but I have never felt he was ready to be a head coach, still do not. Hope he makes all of think he is before the season is over, but man the guy has a lot of work to do.

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whether it was earned in the past or not is a thing for debate. I could buy an argument that says it was somewhat earned in the past. I could also buy the argument that it was not. That is a tough call.


As to whether Bo is a defensive guru now... that is not up for debate. the answer is emphatically... NO. We have to follow where the data leads... and the data is in on this one... Bo's recent teams have been far, far, far removed from what could be objectively described as "well coached." A guru he may at one time have been... but the game evolves and that was then and this is now... he is no defensive guru now.

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TO didn't know a damn thing about anything when he hired him. TO is the issue. Not anyone else.


Lets blame Wyoming for us having to hire Pelini. Devaney was HC at Wyoming and left to come to NU. He hired TO who in turned hired Pelini (I'm glazing over the Pederson/Callahan era). So really, this is all Wyoming's fault


The above sarcastic posts are about as stupid as some sound here.

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Not sure if Bo is a "guru", but he sure seems to be confident in the matchup zone. A related question would be how many college defenses run a similar matchup zone scheme? If it's so effective, you would think it would spread like wildfire given the copycat nature of college and pro fooball

Alabama runs it. They had a bitch of a time handling JFF and their air raid

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