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I always wondered that myself. Personally I think it looks sort of ridiculous.


You know what else is ridiculous? The way kids these days wear those oversized tennis shoes with the laces taken out. What if they had to run? What if they were being chased by a bear?

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Just horrible how our students find funny and different ways to get involved. What a shame

I sat in the South stadium for the SDSU game and I had my shoe off. Bit of harmless fun.

Believe this if you want, but a few friends and I (and I must also credit our friend Alcohol) started doing this back in 04 or 05 when David Dyches and Jordan Congdon were our kickers. We were playing a team (I can't remember who) that had a kicker who kicked barefoot and we took our shoe off to offer it to him. Somehow we started doing it when we kicked and we actually made a couple in a row that game, which was rare back then. Since we already had our shoe off, we kept it up for the kickoffs as well. We used to do it for all kicks except punts. For a long time we were the only idiots doing it and I'm sure it looked stupid. By the time we graduated we might have had 25% of the student section doing it and it really didn't catch on until we left. We called ourselves the Shoe Crew and even had shirts made that said Skers on the front and Shoe Crew on the back. We used the name and shirts for our intramural teams too. I think I've heard a few other stories, so believe what you want. It just bothers me to hear that a fraternity or sorority started it which was defininitely not the case. We were proud members of south stadium back when east stadium was block seating mostly for greeks.

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What's the purpose by raising shoe in the air in student section? :dunno




What's the purpose of waving hands back and forth during the fight song after touchdowns?



What's the purpose of releasing red balloons into the air?



What's the purpose of the giant 'Go Big Red' banner that unrolls over the band's section before kickoff?



The answer to all of them is to have fun and support the team.

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