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How old are you? >30, the one in city market is pretty cool. I have only been to a few others, but the city market is best for the game. I usually watch 2-3 games a year there - probably be there myself. If you're under 30, then Gran Faloon on the Plaza (48th/Jeffersonish) is a better place to be. It's a younger crowd, and a blast for games. The owner of Minsky's will probably be sitting at the bar at the Faloon. I see him in there quite a bit. If you're in south KC - Callahan's on 87th street is probably the best place.


You'll want to be there well in advance at all these places. Even for 11:00 game.


The food at Minsky's is pretty great. Not a huge fan of the pizza sauce, but they load up the toppings. I always go w/ a Papa Minsky's.

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Yeah I am under 30. We will be coming from a hotel by the soccer stadium, pretty pumped for the US Jamaica game. Staying at the downtown Marriott Saturday night so anywhere in the general urban area of KC is fair game Sat afternoon. Figured Sat night would stomp around P&L or Crossroads then headed to the Chiefs game Sunday morning.


Saturday is my one free day so I figured lunch and a Husker game would be the best way to go.

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