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Ever think Martinez is the problem

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Tommy's main problem is the freshman mistake of thinking you have to make something happen every play. Martinez had that problem for a while and with experience learned to just throw it away, take the sack, or run back to the line. Tommy will figure that out. The bigger problem is getting adequate pass protection no matter who is QB and calling pass plays that actually get the receiver open. With a great runner like AA ,you'd think we'd use him more with outlet passes on busted plays.


Some of it is that, but some of it is recognition. That last interception, he wasn't trying too hard to make a play, he just flat-out misread the zone blitz. He'll get better.

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Ummmm....no.   Armstrong nearly threw the game away in a do or die situation yesterday. If that'd been Martinez, the vitriol would've been suffocating. Armstrong somehow gets understanding? What...t

i was working out at the gym yesterday and watched the entire Jameis Winston thread.   boy oh by that kid is special. he just lights up a room. he lights up the field too.   matinez has had great

I know what you're getting at. With TA or RKIII under center the offense just looks different. Hard to quantify, but the plays seem to get off faster, less confusion, less checking at the line. Okay,

Taylor's pick last week came when we were behind by two scores with very little time left, game was over. He hasn't been throwing the picks this season like he did before. IMO it was a mistake to not give TA a shot last week. He may have provided a spark. It was also a mistake to rule out playing TM this week. He should've been in there after TA's second pick. Reality is that TA has been a pick-machine in his last two starts. Unfortunately RK can't really run so you take out a chunk of the O with him in. So what do you do now?

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Taylor was never the issue. I mean look at what TA did tonight. Bo isn't part of the problem either.



Geez I knew this would happen if we won this game,


Next Year Tommy wont do that same freshman crap but this is why they put faith in Taylor.


BtW, I posted that before the win. Sorry to disapoint.

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Why are we still talking about Taylor? He didn't EVEN PLAY!



And we won.


Because the defense grew some balls. Put tonight's defense in last week, and we destroy Minnesota. TA and RK3 threw what... 3 INTs tonight? It's nice to see the defense show up. I hope the team that stood up Coulter at the 1 yard line on 3 plays, and didn't give up a TD after the 1st quarter meltdown is what we see the rest of the year.

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Martinez would of had 2 fumbles and a pick or two so it evens out. Beck should of stuck with the running game but we kept trying silly passes.


Martinez has 2 INTs all season, one of which was trying to save the day at the end of the Minnesota game (and thus much more forgivable than the 7 combined INTs from RK3 and TA so far this season.

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I love this team, and wish we had our best player on the field.


I just believe that is Taylor. And will continue to believe it is Taylor until next year, when he is gone and TA is the designated starter. He's not ready yet, and currently he is not as good as Taylor's floor.




I think tonight proves my point.

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