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***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

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Thought we should have ran the ball there, but whatever.

we should have ran the ball there

So, I 've come to the conclusion that we don't even want to ever attempt to have a punt return, just catch the ball. It seems nearly all the punting team is on our returner before he even has the ball in his hands. I also never see any attempt to block on the line to give him time, or to set up a wall afterwards. Strangest special team strategy I've ever seen.

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First Quarter Impressions:

  • Great opening drive by Tommy Armstrong and the Nebraska offense. If he plays last week against Minnesota, I feel confident in saying Nebraska wins that game.
  • I feel pretty confident in saying that the Taylor Martinez era is over. Best of luck on your future endeavors Taylor. Thank you for what you did for this program, but the time has come where Nebraska needs to turn the page.
  • Our defense is a very poorly coached unit. The lack of fundamental tackling is appalling. Even if we do win this game today, and even if Bo is retained next season, there is no question that Papuchis, Els, and Kaz need to be shown the door.
  • Ameer Abdullah is the best running back in the Big Ten. He has such a great balance of speed & power.
  • I liked seeing Newby get some snaps. If you're going to burn the kids redshirt he might as well play.

Things I would like to see in the 2nd Quarter:

  1. The defense has to contain Northwestern's read option game. They are only going to run a few basic plays at Nebraska. If Nebraska can't find a way to stop these basic plays, Northwestern will beat Nebraska up with them over & over again.
  2. Bring back the pitch sweep from the 2 back sets with Abdullah.
  3. If Nebraska goes down 21-7 by halftime...this game could get ugly.


Already ugly.

Ha ha! Good point. I was trying to stay positive.

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