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***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

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I give up. Beck just doesn't give a damn. Keep throwing the ball Tim Beck...just keep throwing the ball...4 int's no problem...running game just picked up a first....just keep slingin it.


Did you miss the time(s?) we went 3-and-out running the ball? Have to pass sometime.

Thank you zoogies.

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Thought we should have ran the ball there, but whatever.

we should have ran the ball there

You can't say the defense didn't give the offense opportunities today.


That seems to be the story with this team...one week the offense plays great & the defense just collapses, and the next week the offense can't do squat & the defense plays better than expected.


When was the last time a Nebraska team under Bo Pelini actually played a complete game against a conference or BCS opponent?

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That was bad throw. Poor blitz pickup by AA, hurried throw, bad bad bad.

Now can we get mad about not running the ball?

It's not a problem with the play, it's a problem with the execution.

Bo is that you? Seriously....strength of the team and the QB is running...plenty of time...d playing well...so let's keep throwing it! 3 picks prior to that one. At some point the OC has to say "you know what...TA is not throwing well today....we'd better run the ball..."

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